What To Do With Expired Body Armor (2024)

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What To Do With Expired Body Armor (1)

  • Body Armor Has Expiration Dates
  • Ballistic Performance After the Expiration Date
  • 8-Year Warranty on Soft Armor Panels From Ace Link Armor
  • Ways to Utilize and Recycle Expired Body Armor
  • Does the Carrier Also Need to be Replaced?

Body armor is one of the best defensive tools that you could possibly own or use. But did you know that it can expire? Many people are not aware that it can, or what do to with it after it does expire.

Body Armor Has Expiration Dates

So why does body armor expire? After all, if it can stop things like bullets or knives, you would think it would last a very long time. While this is true, most armor manufacturers will put a lifespan on their armor due to the fact that the materials and fibers that are used to make the armor will slowly break down over time. This will cause them to lose some of their ability to perform as they are intended to. When this happens, the body armor might not function as it is intended to. While some claim that expired body armor will still work just fine, this breakdown in materials could result in it not being able to properly stop its intended target.

Ballistic Performance After the Expiration Date

So can you still use body armor after its expiration date? This depends on you and your level of needs. Sure you can still use it after it is expired, but are you willing to bet your life on armor that has expired and may not perform as it is intended to? Many people have experimented with expired armor and most of the time it has performed as intended. But body armor should always be intact, reliable, and ready to save your life should you need it. By using expired armor, you are taking a gamble with your own life instead of simply just replacing it with new armor that is up to the task. Most body armor manufacturers will place a 5-year lifespan on their armor, giving you plenty of use and time to replace it once it does expire.

8-Year Warranty on Soft Armor Panels From Ace Link Armor

If you are looking for a little more life out of your armor, then look no further than our soft armor panels here at Ace Link Armor. We provide an 8-year warranty and lifespan on our armor, giving you a better value and use out of the armor that you are using. Should you run into any problems or need your armor replaced in those 8 years, we have you covered! This is one of the best and longest-lasting warranties in the industry, and we are proud to stand behind our high-quality products that we know will stand up to whatever you can throw at them.


Level 3A Bulletproof Soft Armor Insert 11×14″


Price $154.00

Ways to Utilize and Recycle Expired Body Armor

So what do you do once your armor is expired? Many companies (us included) can take expired body armor and reprocess it so that it does not go to waste. This can be used to help create new armor or other gear from the material, allowing you to properly recycle it. Whatever you do, just don’t dispose of any body armor panels or carriers in unrecyclable trash. Even if you believe it has no life left in it, you might be surprised. Don’t be afraid of contacting the manufacturer if you have any questions about recycling or utilizing expired body armor!

Does the Carrier Also Need to be Replaced?

The job of the carrier is to hold and position the armor on your body. This piece generally gets the most wear and tear during the years of service, so it may also need to be replaced. If you are one who is wearing your armor on a regular basis, it might be a good idea to thoroughly inspect your carrier for any wear or damage. If you find any wear and tear that could negatively affect the armor, you might want to also replace it. If you do not regularly wear your armor and keep it stored properly, then the carrier might be good to go for the new armor as well.


Recoil Carrier Only

Price $128.00

Quadrelease 2.0 Carrier


Price $187.00

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What To Do With Expired Body Armor (2024)
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