What is Naviance? An Overview for Guidance Counselors (2024)

What is Naviance? An Overview for Guidance Counselors (1)

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What’s Covered:

  • What is Naviance?
  • How Can You Send Transcripts to Colleges With Naviance?
  • 4 Naviance Tools for School Counselors
  • How CollegeVine Can Help Your Students Get Into College

There are countless tools out there for high school counselors and students looking for help, one of which is Naviance. Maybe your school district already uses Naviance, or maybe you’ve never heard of it. Either way, you might be wondering, what is Naviance?

In this post we will provide the answer to that question and more you might have surrounding the platform. We’ll specifically cover the benefits and ways you can use Naviance to your advantage if your school already uses the platform.

What is Naviance?

Naviance is an educational data management platform used by K-12 schools and colleges. High schools that sign up for Naviance can give accounts to students, teachers, and guidance counselors. Guidance counselors can use Naviance to send transcripts to colleges, keep records of grades and attendance, and more.

Naviance prides itself on supporting students’ College, Career, and Life Readiness (CCLR), so the many tools on its platform help students work towards CCLR goals and help counselors track and manage their progress. The objective is to prepare students for success in college and beyond.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Self-Discovery tools that provide students with assessments to determine their strengths and career interests
  • The Career Planning tool that allows students to explore career options
  • College Application tools that students can use to research schools and submit information through
  • The Course Planning tool that creates and tracks students’ classes to make sure they hit their requirements and their courses align with their interests
  • Interactive CCLR lessons to develop critical skills in students
  • Dashboards and reports for counselors to track students’ progress

How Can You Send Transcripts to Colleges with Naviance?

An exciting feature that Naviance offers is the ability for students to share their transcripts with colleges through the platform. How exactly does this work?

First, students have to link their Naviance account with their Common App account. This will let counselors see the schools on a student’s list from Naviance. The students can then go into their Colleges I’m Applying To tab and press Request Transcript. They must select the schools they want to send a transcript to—it could be one or all of them—and then submit their request.

Once the student has done this, the counselor will be notified of the request and will be prompted to submit the transcript to the colleges. It’s that simple!

1. Send Transcripts and Student Reports Digitally

As mentioned above, one of the perks of Naviance is that it makes the process of requesting and sending student transcripts to colleges easy and efficient. Counselors can take away the stress of managing students’ academic information on multiple platforms by simplifying downloading and sending transcripts directly from Naviance.

2. Record Student Information Such as Grades, Attendance, and Disciplinary Action

When combined with PowerSchool SIS, Naviance provides a one-stop platform for counselors to track students’ performance. Online gradebooks, that include information like student attendance, grades on individual assignments, and transcripts, are available to teachers and counselors with Naviance.

3. Visualize School-Wide Data, Such as GPA

As a counselor, it’s important for you to have a holistic view of your school’s performance that you can report to schools and use to determine where each of your students fall. Naviance aggregates data on student GPA and test scores which are translated into a graph for counselors, students, and families to visualize their odds of acceptance at a given school compared to previous students.

4. Find Admissions Data for a Particular School

Naviance’s College Search tool is useful for both students and counselors. While students might use it to explore possible options, counselors can rely on the tool to gather data on colleges and universities across the US that they can share with their students.

How CollegeVine Can Help Your Students Get Into College

If you’re looking for more resources focused on college admissions beyond what Naviance offers, join the school counselor network on CollegeVine.

As a part of the network, you can directly connect with over 300 colleges who are actively recruiting on the CollegeVine platform, as well as put your students into direct contact with these schools. Counselors are also able to track their student’s application process—helping them build a school list and seeing what steps they have completed in the process for each school.

Additionally, CollegeVine’s free AI Rec Letter Assistant is an invaluable resource for counselors that cuts down on the time you spend drafting student rec letters so you can worry less about formatting and more about telling your students’ story.

What is Naviance? An Overview for Guidance Counselors (2024)
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