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After an explosion in the lab, Delgato apparently fell to his death while Miguel fled, realizing his new powers as he avoided the Alchemax-sponsored Public Eye security patrol. A Thor worshipper aided Miguel’s escape, deeming “Spider-Man’s” appearance an omen of his god’s return. Meanwhile, Tyler Stone hired the cyborg bounty hunter named Venture to investigate the incident. With Venture in pursuit, Miguel returned to his Babylon Towers apartment, and concealed his identity in a full body costume acquired at a Mexican Day of the Dead festival. After a fierce assault, Spider-Man shredded Venture’s circuitry. Upon recounting the events to his quirky holo-agent (holographic assistant) Lyla, Miguel realized his uncertain future.

With Stone feigning ignorance of Miguel’s transformation, Miguel returned to work, hoping to find a cure for his condition. Though he gradually discovered the importance of Spider-Man in his world, where his own employer was a major source of corruption and oppression.

He helped rescue Karyn “Kasey” Nash, Gabriel’s girlfriend, after she was kidnapped by a Zaibatsu Samurai, the Specialist, for Alchemax to perform human experimentation on. Spider-Man’s victory over the Specialist earned him the enmity of another major corporation, Stark-Fujikawa, and left him plummeting below the elevated city into Downtown, the realm of the forgotten and undesirables of Nueva York, independent of the major corporations’ control but ruled by gangs. Here, Spider-Man encountered the cruel Watchdogs and Fenris gangs, the hopeful Thorites, the justice-seeking Throwbacks, and the largest gang, the Freakers, with their cannibalistic leader, the Vulture. Spider-Man rejected the Vulture’s offer to join his crusade against Alchemax, and after a vicious battle aided by Kasey, Gabriel and the Throwbacks, he retreated home. While he was away, Dana was approached by Tyler to partner with her firm, Synthia, and Alchemax. Miguel discovered that Spider-Man had become a hero to his institutionalized mother (alone after George died at a young age) and inspiration for the Spiderite cult of costumed followers.

After another battle with the Vulture, Miguel’s world was turned upside- down as he switched places with the Spider-Man (Peter Parker) of the Heroic Age of Earth-616, waking up next to Peter’s wife, Mary Jane, due to Fujikawa (in the Modern Age) and Stark-Fujikawa (in 2099) running experiments on a temporal energy generator. While Peter tackled the Vulture of 2099, Miguel faced Eddie Brock, AKA Venom. The two Spider-Men were united to face the twisted time-traveling Robin Borne, AKA Hobgoblin of the year 2211 and from the alternate universe Earth-9500. Hobgoblin’s father, Max Borne, AKA Spider-Man, deflected her Retcon bombs into the generators and the ensuing explosion sent everyone back to their respective universes.

In the weeks that followed, Miguel became more comfortable in his role as a costumed defender. He halted the attacks of the hyper-adaptable Mutagen, Gerald Bernardson; protected the city from disaster from a reawakened Cold War Russian super-solider, Chernobyl; wrestled himself free from electronically transmitted mind control by Macroware software developer Dr. Damian Fawcett; clashed with a specially trained agent heavily armed with SItuation Emergency GEar (SIEGE); and defended Dana from the monstrous Antoine Tarantella, AKA Man-Spider.

The mysterious amnesiac John Roger Tensen, AKA Net Prophet (formerly Justice of Earth-148611) was liberated from Interspace after the Virtual Unreality experiments of Euromax transfer, the pretentious scientist Jordan Boone and lured the nigh-unstoppable Thanatos (a Destiny-Force powered megalomaniac Rick Jones of Earth-9309) to Alchemax, where he kidnapped Tyler Stone and Spider-Man. The Net Prophet rescued Spider-Man, and after the two defended Dana’s sister, Father Jennifer D’Angelo, in Downtown against the Fenris gang, Tensen opted to explore the world.

Genis-Vell, AKA Captain Marvel, and a critically injured Eros, AKA Starfox, of the Heroic Age of Earth-616 were sent to 2099. After encountering Spider-Man, Captain Marvel located Miguel to act as their guide. At Alchemax they battled Thanatos, sending the three into the dystopian alternate future of Earth-9200 ruled by an evil future Hulk, the Maestro. While Spider-Man sparred with the Maestro, the other heroes defeated Thanatos, returning everyone back to their original timeline.

While Spider-Man battled the savage Bloodsword and the Fenris gang Downtown, back home Lyla began malfunctioning, while at Alchemax Stone made romantic advances towards Dana. Upon his return, Miguel and Dana visited Alchemax’s floating city, Valhalla, where it appeared that Thor and Heimdall had returned, though lacking the nobility of their Heroic Age counterparts. Alchemax CEO, Avatarr, had transformed ordinary people into the Aesir, loyal to the corporation, in order to eliminate rising super hero interference. With help from Doom, Paul-Phillip Ravage, AKA Ravage, Jake Gallows, AKA Punisher, the X-Men, and Loki (a transformed Jordan Boone), the Aesir were defeated.

While Miguel tried to get back to a normal life, Lyla attacked Dana out of apparent jealousy. She and the rest of the city were victims of the mad cyberspace entity named Discord, trying to “ease humanity into Armageddon.” After saving Stark-Fujikawa’s leader, Hikaru-Sama, Miguel joined Gabriel (as “Firelight”) in Cyberspace and defeated Discord. Afterwards, Gabriel admitted to his brother that he knew his secret identity from the start, recognizing the costume from the Mexican festival.

Meanwhile, Kasey was kidnapped by SIEGE for Stark-Fujikawa and, as a repayment of Hikaru-Sama’s debt, transformed into Payback, a cyborg warrior designed to be a worthy associate for Spider-Man. Fighting against Risque, Venture’s cyborg sister, Payback failed, leaving Spider-Man alone to defeat the villain. Gabriel was beaten by Alchemax’s Flyboys as they arrested Kasey. While Miguel eavesdropped, Conchata confronted Tyler to release Kasey, blackmailing him with evidence that he killed his ex-wife, Nancy. There, Miguel learned the truth—that the Rapture he was given was only a short-lasting simulation—and that Tyler Stone was really his father. Miguel left, profoundly disturbed.

Xina, Lyla’s creator, repaired the holo-agent, spitefully programming her to insult Dana. Offended, Dana accused the emotionally raw Miguel of dating Xina again; after an explosive fight, Miguel and Dana broke up.

Later, Spider-Man battled the mercenary android Vlad the Impaler targeting a boy named Gedde Ohara (mistakenly believed by Miguel to be targeting his brother Gabriel O’Hara), and after the Woodstock 2099 concert, fought against Major Jones, a dealer peddling a metamorphosis-enabling drug called Chameleon.

For a vacation, Miguel and Xina visited Nightshade, an independent corporation run by their old headmistress, Angela, when Alchemax performed a literal hostile takeover via Mr. Pembert, the Corporate Headhunter, and the six Corporate Raiders. Though the monstrous genetically manipulated ex-Flyboy, Sgt. Rico Estevez (Subject 394, aka Travesty), and Spider-Man defended Nightshade, the Raiders succeeded, killing Angela in the process. Packrat and his scavenger gang of Foragers descended upon the ruins of Nightshade, kidnapping Spider-Man.

The gang offered Spider-Man a means to freedom if he fixed an old robot called Junior. The android, apparently the inert body of a Super-Adaptoid, recognized something in Spider-Man, and awakened as an amalgam of O’Hara’s Spider-Man with Spider-Man and Venom from the Heroic Age. Calling itself Flipside, it behaved like an emotionally unstable psychopath. Heroically, Spider-Man saved his captor’s life, leaving Flipside shredded and decapitated; however, after Spider-Man departed, Flipside reassembled itself and resumed its assault on Packrat’s gang. On Miguel’s walk home through the desert, he was assaulted and exhausted, having a horrific nightmare before Xina rescued him.

Miguel and Xina attempted another vacation in Mexico City, where they ran into Gabriel and Kasey (who believed Gabe was secretly Spider-Man). There, a man named Fernando Morgez performed an arcane ritual to revive his dead sister Anita, inadvertently summoning zombies from a local graveyard instead. Spider-Man, temporarily blinded by Morgez’ spell due to his sensitive eyes, teamed with the Sorceress Supreme, Strange, to end the undead invasion. Distraught over his failure to make amends for his sister’s accidental death, Morgez committed suicide.

The four returned back home seeking some normalcy; instead, they found the country had been overtaken by Doom, who sent federal officers to abduct Miguel from Xina’s car. Taken to the White House, Miguel impressed President Doom with his confidence. With all megacorps nationalized under Doom’s control and Avatarr dead, Tyler Stone became Doom’s Corporate Minister, while Stone offered Miguel his seat as CEO of Alchemax.

Later, as Spider-Man assisted protesting Spiderites brutalized by federal Watchdogs, Doom offered him a cabinet position as Minister of Supernormal Affairs. Disgusted with Tyler and his dubious relationship with Dana, Conchata surprised Tyler at his apartment and shot him twice.

After being left for dead by the Punisher, Kron Stone had encountered and bonded with the mutated Venom symbiote, which had been sitting dormant in the sewers for some time. Kron faked his own death, and upon hearing his father survived an assassination attempt, sought to complete the murder.

In Nueva York, the battlecries of Bloodmace (formerly Bloodsword and Bloodaxe) against “leaderless” Alchemax were abbreviated by an attack by Venom, which engulfed him in an acid-excreting ebony shroud, leaving behind only a skeleton. Venom traveled to confront the hospitalized Tyler, burning Miguel and slashing Dana. Spider-Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents engaged in fierce combat to protect Stone from Venom, but the monster escaped. Miguel, accepting the promotion, decided to use his position to forge a new direction for Alchemax, and to protect his alter ego by ordering the S.H.I.E.L.D. reps to leave Spider-Man alone. Venom resurfaced and kidnapped both Dana and Xina; Venom released Xina, while Miguel severed Venom’s arm. After Venom escaped, grabbing Xina again, Miguel authorized S.H.I.E.L.D. to use lethal force.

Miguel returned to find Venom had taken Dana again and fled, forcing Xina to drive her car. The battle culminated at the visually askew place called the Escher Club, where Miguel had first met Dana. Dana shoved Venom, allowing Xina to escape, but was killed by S.H.I.E.L.D. bullets passing through Venom. While Venom eluded the authorities, Dana died in Spider-Man’s arms.

Miguel returned to Alchemax, demanding answers from his researchers on how to stop Venom. Studying a piece of the symbiote, Miguel realized the symbiote was averse to sound. Broadcasting high intensity sound through the public speaker system, Spider-Man tackled a weakened Venom, discovering that beneath the symbiote was his half-brother, Kron Stone. Miguel separated Kron from the symbiote and forced a confession out of him.

Meanwhile, Downtown, the Vulture and the mysterious Goblin attacked Kasey Nash, out to prove Spider-Man was allied with Alchemax and the corporate establishment. Summoned Downtown by Gabriel, Spider-Man battled the Goblin. Struggling against the Goblin’s hallucinogenic attack, Spider-Man barely escaped with his life. The Goblin rallied Downtown’s citizens against Spider-Man by projecting images of Spider-Man (taken out of context) implicating him as a corporate flunky. Spider-Man left, disgusted by the ingratitude, to find President Doom’s sovereignty at an end as evidenced by fragments of his Environmental Maintenance Platforms (EMPs) fallen from the sky.

After Dana’s funeral, wheelchair-bound Tyler Stone attempted to return as CEO of Alchemax. Miguel refused to yield, stating his intention to run a compassionate corporation to serve the people, and ejected Stone from the building. Tyler’s attempt to shock Miguel with the knowledge of his paternity had no effect. Miguel discovered that his time as Spider-Man had brought out the best in him, and it was time to become a hero out of costume as well. At Alchemax, Miguel was joined by his brazen mother as the best candidate for his personal assistant, handling even the violent Grunt Union representative, Boru.

Union problems became minor issues for Miguel when communications with the New Atlantis project, Alchemax’s undersea research and habitation endeavor, were severed. Miguel learned that Alchemax had been exploiting the undersea mutates, using them as slave labor. The mutates rebelled, under leadership of one called Roman, who modeled himself after the legendary Sub-Mariner. Torn between corporate loyalties and ethical treatment of the mutates, Miguel opted to attempt peaceful negotiations; however, Roman took the initiative to launch an offensive, flooding Nueva York and dispatching a leviathan, Giganto. Spider-Man incapacitated and imprisoned Roman, and sent the sea-monster home. Via holovid, Tyler confronted Conchata about her assassination attempt, telling Miguel that he’s his father, and admitting he knew all along Miguel was Spider-Man. These revelations, however, actually brought Miguel and his mother even closer.

Trying to rescue Fr. Jennifer from the flooded Downtown, Spider-Man fought the Goblin. The Goblin revealed himself to be Gabriel, motivated by jealousy for his brother. Chaos reigned in the city as the Atlanteans waged war while the Vulture set charges to demolish the Alchemax building. As Tyler attempted to flee to a Martian colony, he was killed by the Atlantean, General Dagim. As Spider-Man and Fr. Jennifer made their escape, Conchata was believed to have been killed and Alchemax was destroyed. Miguel later learned that Gabriel was innocent, since a shapeshifter took over Gabriel’s life for a time and played the role of the Goblin. Pronouncement of Conchata’s death was premature, and she later worked to identify the shapeshifter.

When temporal distortions threatened his bloodline on the Stone side, Miguel worked with Alchemax to go back in time to the Heroic Age and save his time. Once there, he met the Superior Spider-Man (Dr. Otto Octavius, AKA Doctor Octopus, in Spider-Man’s body) and though they fought at first, they ultimately worked together to save time from the saboteur who caused the temporal distortions: Miguel’s ancestor Tiberius “Ty” Stone. As Miguel confronted Stone and planned to take him out, he realized that his friends and family would be impacted. In his hesitation, Superior Spider-Man figured out an equation to construct a counter-device and restore time and ended the threat. Meanwhile, in 2099, Tyler Stone destroyed Alchemax’s time travel device, stranding Miguel in 2015. Miguel wouldn’t risk putting his friends and family in danger so he decided to leave Ty alone. Miguel then had his assistant Lyla set him up with a secret identity as Michael O’Mara and a job at Alchemax as Ty’s personal assistant so he could keep an eye on him.

Miguel then assisted Superior Spider-Man (Otto) against Norman Osborn, AKA Green Goblin, who had become known as the Goblin King, and his army. First, he deactivated J. Jonah Jameson’s Spider-Slayer robots but they were soon taken over by the Goblin. Suddenly, Superior left Miguel to battle the bots alone and upon his return, Miguel had nearly beaten them all. Superior informed him he was actually Parker whose mind had been restored to his body, thanks to Otto who gave up his endeavor to be superior so that Parker could save his beloved Anna Maria from the Goblin. The pair of Spiders then joined other heroes against the Hobgoblin, and traced the source of the signal controlling the Spider-Slayers: Alchemax. Upon their arrival to the corporation, they were attacked by Lily Hollister, AKA Menace, whom Spider-Man shot in the neck with a cure, disabling her. Hearing ominous laughter in a nearby office, Miguel and Spider-Man entered to find Norman’s grandson and Liz Allan’s son, Normie. Liz and Ty Stone came crashing into the room and when Miguel punched Ty in the face, he dropped a Spider-Sense jammer he was clutching, leading Liz to realize he was responsible for hurting Spider-Man. She informed them that the Green Goblin was up on the roof with explosives and the pair of Spiders split off, Miguel taking the others to safety and Spider-Man headed up to the roof to defeat Norman. On the ground, Peter returned with Alchemax’s CEO Mason Banks, who was actually Norman with an altered face and identity. When Liz saw him, she tensed up and inadvertently pressed the Spider-Sense jammer, allowing Norman to escape. When Liz apologized, claiming it was a mistake, Miguel didn’t believe her but Parker did.

Still working for Alchemax, Miguel faced and defeated an agent from T.O.T.E.M. who attempted to erase him from the time-stream because of his interactions with boss, the newly minted CEO of Alchemax, Liz Allan. Miguel also faced Liz herself when she uncovered his fraudulent identity and accused him of being Spider-Man. To throw her off, he revealed a bit of the truth, that he was from the future and related to Ty Stone. However, to protect his Spider persona, his A.I. Lyla updated his holographic suit to a more futuristic one to sell the fact that he wasn’t Spider--Man. Liz kissed him and departed, but it meant that he’d have to tread carefully around her. He attempted to befriend his apartment’s janitor and neighbor, Tempest Monroe, AKA Tempest, who he had previously saved from muggers. In becoming friends, she revealed to him that she had leukemia. He also had another run-in with Spider-Slayers, protected Ty from being killed by rebels in Transabal, and faced off with Mac Gargan, AKA Scorpion.

When Miguel began having visions of versions of himself being killed, he didn’t think too much of it until another version was slain by Morlun, the ravenous Inheritor, right in front of him. Connecting with Spider-Man and Cindy Moon, AKA Silk, they joined with Spider U.K.’s Spider-Army and rendezvoused on Earth-13, a safe haven. Miguel joined a smaller team of Spider-Totems from across the Multiverse, and the Daemos, the largest of the Inheritors, was killed in battle but returned in a clone body. Miguel returned to his time with the deceased Daemos, along with Maybelle Reilly, AKA Lady Spider, from the Steampunk Earth-803 and the six-armed Spider-Man from Earth-91200, but the restored Daemos was hot on their trail. They fought Daemos and lost the Six-armed Spider-Man but eventually trapped the living Daemos in an electrified field, while his dead body was stored at Alchemax. Though the trap couldn’t hold him and he overpowered it, but they had learned that the Inheritors were especially vulnerable to radiation. Miguel and Lady Spider returned to the safe zone, but when they arrived, they found many of their fellow Spiders dead. Instead, they found a giant robot known as Leopardon, which they patched up on Lady Spider’s world. They soon rejoined the remaining Spider-Totems in the final push against the Inheritors on Loomworld, Earth-001. The Spiders defeated the Inheritors and left them all to rot on Earth-3145, a destroyed planet ripe with radiation.

After defeating the Inheritors, Miguel returned to his time, though his time was now ruled by Maestro, a 200-year-old Hulk, but this Maestro didn’t recognize him. Maestro fought him and soon injured Miguel to the point of capture. Miguel asked him what happened to their world and Maestro blamed Alchemax, which led to nuclear weapons flying and the destruction of Miguel’s future as he knew it. He was imprisoned in one of Maestro’s dungeons alongside Strange 2099, the Sorceress Supreme of the future. Miguel released her with his talons and Strange healed his wounds from battling Maestro. Strange then helped Miguel track down a time machine in Maestro’s trophy room but not before defeating some of Maestro’s guards. In the trophy room, they came upon a non-functioning time platform courtesy of a past Doctor Doom. Miguel used Iron Man armor to restore it and upon fixing it up, Maestro arrived and stabbed Strange in the back using Hood’s cloak. Using Iron Man’s gauntlet, Miguel blasted Maestro back and used the platform to escape back to the present of 2015, where he attempted to stop Maestro from gaining control in the future. While in the present, Miguel caught up with Peter Parker as Spider-Man and advised him to win the competition between Parker Industries and Alchemax, but Parker wasn’t concerned.

Having recently been to his time, Miguel obtained a cure for leukemia and delivered it to his friend Tempest. She revealed that she was cured to Miguel and kissed him out of elation, but then suddenly transformed into a monstrous spider-wasp, likely an effect from the cure. Miguel as Spider-Man and Tempest fought until he broke through to her by revealing his secret identity. It gave him enough time to knock her out and he fled with her from an approaching police force. She remembered his identity as Spider-Man and they eventually started dating.

Parker appointed Miguel as Head of Research and Development at his tech conglomerate, Parker Industries. With a good job and a steady girlfriend, things were going well for Miguel despite being time-displaced. But nothing lasts forever. While out to dinner, Tempest revealed to Miguel that she was pregnant but was interrupted by an explosion and seemingly killed. Miguel unfurled and returned to fighting crime. Miguel investigated a robot who was at the attack, a robot designed by Dr. Alexi Cronos, who worked for a mysterious organization known as The Fist, information he obtained through interrogation. Though, Cronos was suddenly slain remotely by Atropos, AKA Aisa, who also worked for the organization.

Miguel asked one of his staff, Raul, to look into The Fist. Using the technology at P.I., Miguel built a time machine that could send him home to 2099, but a fellow member of the P.I. staff, Roberta Mendez, inadvertently activated it and brought a killer named Qweeg to present day. It also turned out that Mendez was the Captain America of 2099, and is just as time-displaced as Miguel. Unlike Miguel, Mendez suffered from a mind split in half, where Roberta retains no knowledge of her heroic alter ego. Together, they teamed up and defeated Qweeg but The Fist helped him escape.

Miguel’s team at P.I. was then tasked with concocting a cure for the deadly consequences of mutants being exposed to the Terrigen Cloud moving across the globe. But the Terrigen sample that they had received from the Inhuman Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon, AKA Medusa, breached containment and transformed one of the scientists, Rhonda Fleming, into an Inhuman herself. Renaming herself Glorianna, she established herself as a God using fear to gather worshippers. Miguel attempted to intervene before she used her destructive power, but Jasmine, one of Miguel’s coworkers and Glorianna’s girlfriend, took a brutal hit, landing her in the hospital while Rhonda fled.

While Jasmine recovered in the hospital, she spotted Tempest alive and in a coma, and being hidden by her mother, Mrs. Monroe. Looping in Parker, Miguel staged a rescue and took Tempest from the hospital to Parker Industries private hospital, P.I. Medical. Miguel tracked Mrs. Monroe down to Scarsdale, NY and approached her as Spider-Man. To his surprise, she shot concussive beams of energy at him. He tricked her by casting a mirage that she had destroyed him, to which she expressed immediate remorse. Miguel reappeared and feeling grateful that she hadn’t killed him, they discussed her powers, how she had them since she could remember and spent her life protecting Tempest, worried that she’d inherit her destructive powers. She also admitted to killing her second husband Larry who threatened her after she confronted him about his inappropriate obsession with Tempest.

While tracking down those responsible for the bombing and Tempest’s comatose state, Miguel’s investigations led him to the mountain base of The Fist, where he discovered that Queeg, now called Venture, had teamed up with the Super Villain Glorianna and they had built their own time machine. Able to sneak around the base thanks to the chameleon function in his suit, Miguel’s cover was blown when Venture spotted him with his heat-signature detecting eye lens. In the ensuing battle, Miguel became trapped in a time portal and sent to 2099. Upon his arrival, Venom sucker-punched him, knocking him out. Miguel awoke to find himself in the clutches of the Sinister Six of the future, the unfamiliar 2099. With the help of his brother Gabriel and other allies like Roberta Mendez still stranded in the past, he escaped the Six and made it back to present-day. When Mendez learned about the state of the future, she jumped through the time door to rescue her family, asking Miguel to stay behind in case she needed his support. He soon got word from the Inhuman Ulysses who had a vision of Mendez getting caught by 2099’s notorious villains. Miguel traveled back to 2099 to help her but what he found was a world without the Sinister Six and all super-powered people were hunted by the government and the mysterious CEO of Alchemax, who had also captured Mendez. Miguel sought help from the heroes of 2099 to free Mendez from Alchemax’s clutches, and they soon discovered that the identity of the company’s CEO was none other than J. Jonah Jameson, former Mayor of New York and Publisher of the Daily Bugle newspaper. Miguel confronted him and demanded Mendez be freed, and it turned out Jameson was a Skrull in disguise and there was a secret invasion happening in the future that Miguel had stumbled into. Jameson gave up and allowed Miguel to take Mendez, and helped bring an end to the oppression of the enhanced.

Returning to present-day, Miguel hoped to prevent such a future and returned to his investigation of The Fist, who put his girlfriend Tempest into a coma and may be responsible for the dark turn of the future. Mendez also returned to help him take down the threat but they were ambushed by ninja assassin Elektra Nachios, AKA Elektra. She reluctantly shared that the radical organization was formed by defectors from the Hand, ancient ninja guild, and confirmed that the group was set on starting an Armageddon. They banded together to stop them and apprehended a Fist operative, the time-displaced Sonny Frisco, AKA Iron Man of 2099, whom Elektra interrogated. Meanwhile, Tempest awoke from her coma. Miguel, Elektra, and Mendez learned from Frisco that he’d been brainwashed into helping the Fist and their planned world-ending endeavor would occur in Chicago. Upon arriving to intercept, they were too late. The Fist, with help from the mystical Medea, turned a convention center full of people into reptilian monsters. Back at the P.I. Medical, Tyler Stone of 2099 visited Tempest.

Miguel soon learned that Tempest came out of her coma and that his father not only paid her a visit, but also was the leader of The Fist. Miguel rushed to the facility to see Tempest and confront his father, but met and fought Man Mountain Marko, allowing Tyler to abscond with Tempest. Meanwhile, the Sinister Six from 2099 found a way to the present and joined The Fist. With Frisco’s help, Miguel captured Electro. Lyla then implanted an escape into his cerebral matrix so they could find the information they needed about when The Fist would cause the New York’s downfall and retrieved a date: May 15, 2019. Miguel and Frisco got a time-traveling device working and opened a time door portal to 2019.

There, Tempest had somehow become the Super Hero known as Honey Bee. Stone and the Sinister Six attacked them, and someone wearing Miguel’s old costume stabbed Stone through the back. Stone ordered Aisa, the head of The Fist’s operation, to unleash New York, and she had a crowd attack the Heroes by way of a cellphone app. They were soon assisted by 2019’s Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, Cindy Moon, AKA Silk, and Miles Morales, AKA Spider-Man. Lyla hacked Aisa’s system and exploded it, allowing Miguel to attempt to take her and The Fist down for good. As the final determiner of life and death, she attempted to cut his life thread but couldn’t see it, insisting that he was already dead. She was distracted enough by her shock that it allowed Miguel to get the jump on her, but she narrowly escaped his capture with help from the Vulture. With Stone dead and The Fist in the wind, Miguel believed that the event that would cause the end of the world had been thwarted. He then met up with Tempest and the other Spider-Man wearing his old suit, who turned out to be Gabriel “Gabri” O’Hara, the couple’s time-traveling and grown-up son. From them, he learned that he died saving Tempest from Stone after he had taken her from the hospital in the present-day. Gabri revealed that she was being held at Blackthorne Prison. Miguel departed through a time door opened by Lyla and arriving back to present-day, he asked Frisco to call in Mendez and have her come in her full Captain America garb.

When Cap arrived, he assured her that the future was restored and that she could go home. She insisted on knowing more but Miguel shoved her through the time door. He then gave Frisco his job and headed to Blackthorne Prison where Tempest was being held. Once there, he encountered Man Mountain Marko. Miguel threw him off when he outbid what Stone was paying him. But Stone watching from security cameras flipped a switch so that Marko would be under his control and had him attack Miguel. They fought and Miguel knocked him out and left him alive. He found Tempest and while they were enjoying a well-deserved reunion kiss, Tempest stabbed him in the chest, a post-hypnotic suggestion from Stone. He seemingly died but was then restored and back in his original timeline thanks to Cap and the Sorceress Supreme. Hearing fireworks outside, his allies informed him it was the new year of 2100. The Sorceress Supreme relayed that he could never return to the past since she had studied history and he could risk messing up the timeline.

When the Inheritors returned from their radioactive prison planet and sought to bring their father Solus back, Miguel joined the Spider-Army and helped defeat the vampiric family.

Later, Miguel returned to present-day to find the only person that could help him with the new state of the future: Peter Parker. Though Miguel was captured and experimented upon by Roxxon Energy Corporation, but he narrowly escaped Roxxon’s Berserkers by jumping out a window high above Manhattan. Though he suffered from being disoriented and struggled to track down Spider-Man. When he finally did, dodging Berserker attacks, he remembered why he needed to find the present-day web-crawler. He informed Spider-Man that his time started changing slowly and then it was sudden chaos. Miguel resolved that there wasn’t anything to prevent his time’s collapse because it was inevitable since the future was always changing, and that his time was not fixed like other futures in the Multiverse. He dissipated, seemingly erased from existence, but then awoke on an island reunited with Tempest and his son.

Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O'Hara) Powers, Enemies, & History | Marvel (2024)


Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O'Hara) Powers, Enemies, & History | Marvel? ›

Superhuman Spider

Is Spider-Man 2099 a villain or a hero? ›

Spider-Man 2099 is a fictional superhero character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

What is Miguel O Hara's DNA? ›

In an effort to curb the addiction, O'Hara became his own test subject for his experiments in replicating Spider-Man's powers. During an experiment, his coworker messed with the machine and O'Hara's DNA became 50 percent spider.

What is Miguel 2099's backstory? ›


O'Hara hailed from Nueva York, a future version of New York City under heavy corporate control. He eventually began working in genetic experimentation for Alchemax, one of that future's premier corporations, under an executive named Tyler Stone.

Is Miguel stronger than Peter Parker? ›

His base powers is significantly weaker than Peter Parker. Peter Parker being older and in my personal opinion being the original Spider - Man gives him the advantage in strength, speed, durability, etc and it's by a considerable amount.

Is Spider-Man 2099 strongest? ›

Miguel O'Hara, also known as Spider-Man 2099, is the most powerful Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse due to his leadership skills, brutality, gear, and extra abilities. He wears an ultra-durable suit and has sharp fangs, making him a formidable opponent.

Why is 2099 Spider-Man so strong? ›

Genetically imprinted with spider DNA, Miguel has superhuman strength (lifting 10 tons under optimal conditions), speed, stamina, reflexes and agility, and enhanced durability.

Who is the strongest villain of Spider-Man? ›

The reason Carnage ranks as the number one Spider-Man villain isn't just because of his power or his design. It's because of his sole motivation: destruction of anything and anyone.

Is Spider-Man 2099 black or blue? ›

Appearance. Despite the name, the Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit is colored blue like most voice acting-related medias. In the comics, the suit is canonically black in color, and only appears blue to show detail in brightly lit scenes, much like early illustrations of Venom.

Why does Miguel o hara have claws? ›

However, since his transformation was much more brutal than that of Peter, Miguel has claws on his hands and feet, which he uses to climb through walls. Miguel also has a pair of fangs that secretes a paralyzing venom that's not toxic and comes in handy when Spider-Man 2099 needs to subdue a foe.

Why does Miguel o hara have fangs? ›

Spider-Man 2099, Miguel O'Hara, plays a key role in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and is introduced as the leader of the Spider Society. Miguel's origins as Spider-Man 2099 differ from other variants, as his DNA is spliced with a spider's, giving him unique talents such as venomous fangs and organic webbing.

How did Miguel o hara lose his daughter? ›

Gabriella O'Hara was the daughter of Miguel O'Hara. After her father was murdered, Miguel O'Hara of Earth-928 took his counterpart's place. He briefly raised Gabriella, but despite the best efforts of the variant and Spider-Man, she and her universe were destroyed.

Who is Miguel O Hara's wife? ›

Dana D'Angelo was initially the girlfriend of Gabriel O'Hara, the younger brother of the geneticist Miguel O'Hara. She then cheated on him with Miguel, who was also cheating on his then girlfriend, Xina. Miguel and Dana stayed together and fell in love, with Miguel eventually proposing to her, making her his fiancee.

What is Spider-Man 2099 real name? ›

Spider-Man 2099 (real name Miguel O'Hara) is a fictional character and superhero in the Marvel Comics universe, and is a superhero hailing from the future, specifically the year 2099, and the successor of the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker.

What powers does Miguel have? ›

Since his DNA had been rewritten with the genetic code of a spider, Miguel has superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, and reflexes proportionate to a spider. This means he'd be able to lift around 10 tons and leap roughly 30 feet into the air, as well as move much faster than an average person.

What powers does Green Goblin have 2099? ›

Marvel 2099

He has bat-like glider-wings and a bag of "tricks", similar to the 20th century version. He also has the ability to project illusions.

Can Spider-Man 2099 wield mjolnir? ›

But some of his variants had much better luck at corralling the rest of the world's heroes. One version of Spider-Man 2099 stands above the others, however, eventually becoming a vital savior to his entire timeline. As a result, he was able to even become worthy enough to lift Mjolnir, Thor's enchanted hammer.

Why does Spider-Man 2099 have fangs? ›

Spider-Man 2099's powers don't include "spider-sense" like Peter Parker or Miles Morales, but instead has enhanced senses like vision, just like a spider, which may explain his red eyes. Spider-Man 2099 is certainly not a vampire, as his fangs can simply be explained by the fact that spiders themselves have fangs.

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