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What is the coldest city in the world?ByJoe Phelan last updated 10 June 24The coldest city in the world is in Siberia, where temperatures plummet to minus 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Here's why it's so cold there.

Planet Earth

H5N1: What to know about the bird flu cases in cows, goats and peopleByNicoletta Lanese last updated 10 June 24Bird flu in cows and goats has raised alarm in the U.S. To date, three people are thought to have caught the virus from cattle, but the risk to the general public is low.


Noise-canceling headphones can use AI to 'lock on' to somebody when they speak and drown out all other noisesByDrew Turney published 10 June 24Using only a small embeddable computer, microphone-equipped consumer headphones can block out all environmental sounds apart from a single target voice — even if it moves around.

Artificial Intelligence

Earth from space: Mysterious, slow-spinning cloud 'cyclone' hugs the Iberian coastByHarry Baker published 10 June 24This 2017 satellite photo shows an unusual cloud "cyclone" nestled up against the coastline of Spain and Portugal. Researchers are unsure what caused the strange structure's spin, but ocean eddies and an extreme heat wave likely played key roles.


1st Neuralink user describes highs and lows of living with Elon Musk's brain chipByLauren Leffer published 9 June 24Thirty-year-old Noland Arbaugh says the Neuralink chip has let him "reconnect with the world"


Earth's upper atmosphere could hold a missing piece of the universe, new study hintsByPaul Sutter published 9 June 24Mysterious dark matter could slosh over our planet like a wave. If it does, it may produce telltale radio waves in Earth's atmosphere, new theoretical research suggests.

Dark Matter

Bornean clouded leopard family filmed in wild for 1st time everByElise Poore published 9 June 24Camera traps in Indonesian Borneo recorded a clouded leopard mother with her two cubs in the first footage of its kind.


Space photo of the week: James Webb and Chandra telescopes spot a 'lighthouse' pointed at EarthByJamie Carter published 9 June 24Images from the James Webb Space Telescope and the Chandra X-ray Observatory have been combined to reveal how the Crab Nebula's neutron star is changing.


Epidurals may lower risk of complications after birth, study hintsByMiriam Bergeret published 8 June 24Getting an epidural during labor was linked to a 35% reduction in severe maternal health complications in a new study, with even higher protective effects in people with preterm births.

Viking Age 'treasure' discovered by metal detectorist on Isle of ManByJennifer Nalewicki published 8 June 24The silver ingot would have been used during the Viking Age in exchange for goods and services.


Pacific Hagfish: The ancient deep-sea creature that can can choke a shark by spewing slimeByMelissa Hobson published 8 June 24This eel-like fish lives on the seabed over 300 feet below the surface where it feasts on dead animals and protects itself from attack using a suffocating slime.


What could aliens look like?BySarah Wells published 8 June 24The search for alien life is one of humanity's greatest missions, but it may look nothing like anything we've seen on Earth.

Extraterrestrial Life

Rare fungal STI spotted in US for the 1st timeByNicoletta Lanese published 7 June 24A difficult-to-treat form of ringworm can spread via sex and has now been seen in the U.S.

James Webb telescope finds carbon at the dawn of the universe, challenging our understanding of when life could have emergedByBen Turner published 7 June 24The James Webb Space Telescope has found carbon in a galaxy just 350 million years after the Big Bang. That could mean life began much earlier too, a new study argues.


Neanderthals and humans interbred 47,000 years ago for nearly 7,000 years, research suggestsByCharles Q. Choi published 7 June 24DNA from prehistoric and modern-day people suggests that humans interbred with Neanderthals 47,000 years ago for a period lasting 6,800 years.


Epigenetics linked to the maximum life spans of mammals — including usByKamal Nahas last updated 7 June 24Some chemical tags on DNA, called epigenetic factors, that are present at a young age can affect the maximum life spans of mammal species.


Salmonella outbreak tied to cucumbers sickens 162ByNicoletta Lanese published 7 June 24A company that ships whole cucumbers from Florida has recalled potentially contaminated produce.

'The difference between alarming and catastrophic': Cascadia megafault has 1 especially deadly section, new map revealsByStephanie Pappas published 7 June 24The Cascadia subduction zone is more complex than researchers previously knew. The new finding could help scientists better understand the risk from future earthquakes.


Explosive 'devil comet' grows seemingly impossible 2nd tail after close flyby of Earth — but it's not what it seemsByHarry Baker published 7 June 24Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks, also known as the devil comet, recently made its closest approach to Earth for more than 70 years. During this close encounter, astrophotographers spotted a seemingly impossible "anti-tail" coming off the comet thanks to an extremely rare optical illusion.


New contest lets you name Earth's 1st 'quasi-moon' for free. Here's how to enter.ByHarry Baker published 7 June 24A new public competition will allow a lucky astronomy enthusiast to name one of Earth's tiny "quasi-moons." Here's everything you need to know about how to enter the competition for free.


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Science news, expert analysis and the latest discoveries (2024)
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