Robyn Brown's daughter breaks down over sibling estrangement in 'Sister Wives' (2024)

Over the last two seasons of "Sister Wives," Kody Brown has spoken extensively about his estrangement from several of his 18 children.

In the latest episode of the TLC series, Kody Brown's children speak out about the strained relationships they have with each other.

While hanging out with Christine Brown, Savanah Brown (Kody and Janelle Brown's daughter) says that she doesn't talk to Robyn and Kody's daughter, Breanna Brown, in school.

"We just kind of ignore each other," the teen says.

The scene then shifts to a confessional with Breanna Brown and her sister Aurora Brown, who is a child from Robyn Brown's first marriage.

Breanna Brown says she and her half-sister are "decent to each other," then she elaborates on the tense situation.

"(We're not) super great and close because during COVID, people had different opinions about the rules so we just didn't know what to do with each other. So we kind of kept our distance," she says.

The teen goes on to explain how their strained relationship upsets her.

"I kind of just feel shocked and confused and like she doesn't care. I don't know what the right word is. It kind of just broke my heart a little 'cause you know, I grew up with her. I grew up with all of them," she says and begins to cry.

Robyn Brown's daughter breaks down over sibling estrangement in 'Sister Wives' (1)

Christine Brown calls the situation "heartbreaking" in her confessional, then asks Savanah Brown if the strained relationship between her and Robyn Brown's children began during COVID.

"I've always had a hard time with my siblings — the siblings my age at least. A lot of them, the relationship (has) changed as I get older but (with) Robyn's kids, it's always been not as close as your kids were," the teen tells Christine Brown.

In her confessional, Christine Brown notes that it saddens her to hear that Savanah Brown has strained relationships with several of her siblings and her father.

"You just realize how broken things are when you hear it from a kid," she says.

Later in the episode, three of Janelle Brown's children — Garrison, Gabe and Savanah Brown — and Christine Brown's daughter Gwendlyn Brown get together with their moms. While chatting, the topic turns to their estranged relationship with Kody Brown and their feelings about Robyn Brown and her children.

Christine and Janelle Brown's children feel particularly frustrated about a recent fight that took place via text message about a family Christmas gift exchange. Robyn Brown says that she and her children felt very offended by what happened.

"My kids and I have felt like we got voted off the Brown family island," she says.

While discussing the tension over COVID rules and their recent family fight over Christmas, Gabe Brown says Robyn Brown was "gaslighting everyone into treating her with special treatment."

Gwendlyn Brown agrees, saying Robyn Brown has "made herself the victim" time over time. Garrison Brown says he’s “done with Robyn.”

Robyn Brown's daughter breaks down over sibling estrangement in 'Sister Wives' (2)

Meanwhile, Kody Brown has some harsh words for his children in his own confessional interview.

“All of you are just kind of jerks. I don’t want to be around you and I am tired of it. And I don’t want to call them and I don’t want to talk to them,” he says.

Despite the ongoing family tension, Gwendlyn Brown notes that she’s “always considered (Robyn’s children) my siblings and I still do” and adds that she still considers Robyn Brown to be one of her moms.

Gwendlyn Brown says she misses Aurora Brown. Gabe Brown reveals that he's still on good terms with her.

"Aurora is the only one from that side of the family who I’ve heard say ‘I love you’ since COVID,” he says.

In her own confessional, Aurora Brown echoes her Gabe Brown's statement.

“Personally, Gabe has been nothing but kind,” she says.

While Garrison Brown would like to "mend" his relationship with his siblings, he isn't interested in connecting with Robyn Brown.

She expresses her frustration in a confessional. "They’re never gonna see me as anything other than a bad guy," Robyn Brown says.

Garrison Brown seems to soften his stance a bit in his confessional.

“We’d all forgive them. If you want to come back and participate in this gift exchange with us, you’re always welcome. You know, the arms are open. But if you don’t, then we’re not going to chase (you),” he says.

Kody Brown, who says he reached out to Gabe and Garrison Brown but claims that they're "blocking" him, responds to his children in a confessional.

"Every s--- talk, every trash talk, every opinion, is absolutely reciprocated. I think the same thing of them," he says.

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Robyn Brown's daughter breaks down over sibling estrangement in 'Sister Wives' (2024)
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