Pernil-Style Roasted Chicken Thighs Recipe (2024)

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Lovely and easy recipe. Added a little lime and orange zest to the Cilantro and it really made the flavor pop out.


I followed recipe quantities but using only 4 thighs and found it to be the right amount of seasoning and liquid in the pan; so for 8 thighs, I would use more juice, etc than suggested. I also used more onion and they were delicious with rice. Took other suggestion of adding orange and lime zest to the cilantro, great suggestion.


Tasty. Made with boneless, skinless chicken thighs, cooked for 15-20 minutes; marinated the chicken with onions for a couple of hours in oil mixture; will double the juices, garlic, and onions and marinate longer next time; served with brown rice and black beans


I reduced the oil in half and poured the oil mixture over the chicken and onions in a bowl to marinate for an hour. Terrific.


As you said, the photo shows the chicken on a sheet pan. It does not imply that is how you serve it. I don't think a photo of shredded chicken would reveal as much about the dish as this photo does.And of course you don't have to debone and shred the chicken if you don't want to.


It's Puerto Rican as well.


Muy sabroso. Served alongside pink rice & beans with capers & green olives, avocado and a healthy dose of Hector Lavoe. Just right for a Wisconsin snowstorm when you're dreaming of PR.


Double the sauce for 4 thighs..


Loved this! I think next time I'd debone the chicken before cooking. The meat near the bones was still too hot to touch after 10 minutes. Working quickly to avoid getting burned (and get dinner on the table) I wound up leaving a few bits of cartilage in the chopped chicken mixture. I'm sure there's some flavor drawn out of the bones during cooking but it wasn't worth the hassle.


I let the chicken marinade for 1-2 hours. I added sliced garlic and a sliced jalapeño to the oil and citrus. I also pat the chicken very dry and seasoned with Goya adobo as well as salt and pepper then placed in bag w marinade. It turned out very delish with a 35 minute roast at 450!

Jon Bernardo

Double the onions and the sauce components. For oregano, use 1TBSP dried.


Added zest as well and cooked atop steamed sushi rice for an added sticky rice twist. SO good!!


The recipe calls for cilantro besides what you need for garnish but never says where it belongs (I assumed in the oil). We served it over rice and some lime and sauzon seasoning amped up the flavor quite a bit. It took it from good to very good.


I cooked exactly according to recipe and it was very tasty. Next time I will double the marinade for 8 thighs but still was tasty. I served with rice, beans and a chopped salad. Family ate every bit!

Maria S.

Off the charts delicious! I had to omit the cilantro and substitute parsley. I used smaller amount of dried oregano instead of fresh. Threw some cubed potatoes onto the sheet pan to soak up the juices alongside the onion. Served with salad and bread. This will go into regular rotation.


This recipe is perfection! Easy, quick, delicious!


This was tasty, but way overcooked and there was no sauce left. Next time, I'll use more juice and cook for less time.


I made it exactly like the recipe suggests and it turned out scrumptious! My husband, who is hard to please, had one comment: "Did you keep this recipe?"


So the skin gets tossed with the bones?


No! Please, do not toss the skin with the bones. The skin becomes crunchy and is delicious...


This dish was blander than expected - the chicken didn’t soak up the sauce and the cook time should definitely be more like 35 mins. Adding capers tied it together but I probably wouldn’t make it again

Amanda Beresford

Juicy chicken and a nice if somewhat elusive flavour, but the recipe quantities don't give enough juice since it mainly burned onto the pan. 40 minutes wasn't long enough to crisp the chicken and cook it through, hence the burned juices. Next time, I will try more citrus, onion, and adding zest as some readers suggest. I agree that marinating for an hour or so beforehand would help to intensify the flavour.


Not as wonderful as all that. Just ok. Too sweet and dry with amounts in the recipe. I’d add some red pepper (as I did) to jazz it up. I think it also needs more juice and oil to keep it moist.


Chicken was excellent. I threw in a pair of B/S breasts for the spouse, who won't eat thighs. Next time, I would probably cook at 375 or 400 for the 40 minutes. At 425, it was at 175 degrees in 30 minutes, which is great for the thighs, not so great for the breasts.


Would this recipe work as well if you left the thighs whole rather than chopping the chicken?


This is a spectacular recipe. I’ve made it several times and it’s always delicious. The only changes I have made is substituting boneless skinless thighs, Meyer lemon for the orange juice, and I marinate it several hours or overnight. Goes with everything.


Is cilantro used i the marinade or just as a garnish? To me recipe was not precise

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Pernil-Style Roasted Chicken Thighs Recipe (2024)
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