Node.ovrd.AVALON Data Retrieval secret chests - Destiny 2 (2024)

Node.ovrd.AVALON Data Retrieval secret chests - Destiny 2 (1)

The node.ovrd.AVALON Exotic mission for Vexcalibur includes several chests for players to unlock. These chests are tied to the Data Retrieval Triumphs. In order to unlock these chests, players will need to have Vexcalibur as well as a few of its upgrades called Authorization Overrides – these are mods not catalysts.

Node.ovrd.AVALON chests – Data Retrieval

There are seven chests to find as part of the Data Retrieval Triumphs for the Season of Defiance Triumphs. These chests require that you unlock Vexcalibur and complete the two Legendary quests awarded at the War Table after completing the Season of Defiance campaign missions. These quests are:

  • Vexcalibur Authorization Override
  • Vexcalibur Expert Authorization Override

Completing these quests unlocks mods that only work for Vexcalibur. These mods allow the Exotic Glaive to destroy immune symbols and let you pass through Vex barriers when holding block. Some chests will simply not spawn unless you have completed the above quests.

Data Retrieval: Substrate chest

Node.ovrd.AVALON Data Retrieval secret chests - Destiny 2 (3)

The Substrate chest is at the start of the node.ovrd.AVALON mission right after the small block that opens and closes. Crouch-walk through the gap and then turn around. Jump up to the top of the hallway to reach the node. Activate it and continue along the main path.

Node.ovrd.AVALON Data Retrieval secret chests - Destiny 2 (4)

Go left or right, the goal is to reach the back side where the slim gap is. Instead of going through the gap, jump up to the block on the ceiling that has the Vex barrier. Use Vexcalibur’s block to walk through the barrier. Activate the node to spawn the chest.

Data Retrieval: Aberrant Subject

Node.ovrd.AVALON Data Retrieval secret chests - Destiny 2 (5)

The Aberrant Subject chest is immediately after the first. Continue along the main path, through the slim gap in the wall and down the slide toward the hologram of Asher Mir. There will now be a large drop down a shaft. Halfway down this shaft is a ledge with a node you must activate. If you miss it on the way down, you can climb back up using the walls and platforms.

Node.ovrd.AVALON Data Retrieval secret chests - Destiny 2 (6)

Once the node is activated, drop down and walk toward the Hobgoblin that is stuck behind a Vex barrier in the cylindrical room. Look behind and above you to spot another node. Activate it to disable the barrier and despawn the Hobgoblin. The chest will spawn where it was.

Data Retrieval: Disposal Subject

Node.ovrd.AVALON Data Retrieval secret chests - Destiny 2 (7)

This chest is after the symbol-matching puzzle, immediately after you clear the remaining Vex. Progress through the mission until you reach the area with a massive slanted wall on the right and the small diamond tunnel you need to pass through. Before you jump up the wall, look over the left ledge and activate the terminal.

Node.ovrd.AVALON Data Retrieval secret chests - Destiny 2 (8)

Now, jump up the slanted wall and wrap around the side closest to where you entered. There will be symbols on a platform. Go back to the main path and shoot the correct symbols using Vexcalibur. The chest will spawn beside the conflux.

Data Retrieval: Hard Data Deposit

The Hard Data Deposit chest is after the hallway with the three triangle doors that slide back and forth. Drop down into the radiolarian fluid and instead of going left to the crouch-walking pushy wall, go right and wrap around the building.

Node.ovrd.AVALON Data Retrieval secret chests - Destiny 2 (9)

Use Vexcalibur to pass through the barrier and grab the orb. Take the charge down to the start of the pushy wall section and deposit it into the terminal. The chest will spawn beside you.

Data Retrieval: Quarantine Subject

Node.ovrd.AVALON Data Retrieval secret chests - Destiny 2 (10)

Find the Quarantine Subjective chest after the first boss. Go through the corridor with the pushy blocks and turn right instead of going over the man cannon. Activate the terminal, go back through the pushy wall section, jump across the gap, and use Vexcalibur to go through the barrier. Destroy the Vex shape and grab the chest.

Data Retrieval: Cannonball

Node.ovrd.AVALON Data Retrieval secret chests - Destiny 2 (11)

The Cannonball chest is after the first boss, across the jumping puzzle and man cannon, near the ramp with the Harpies floating off to the side. There will be three shapes that must be destroyed using Vexcalibur. The first is up high, the second is over the ledge, the third is in a gap partway down the ramp. The chest will spawn at the top of the ramp.

Data Retrieval: Accurate Prediction

Node.ovrd.AVALON Data Retrieval secret chests - Destiny 2 (12)

The Accurate Prediction chest is after defeating the boss – do not open the reward chest. When Brakion is defeated, go beneath each corner of the arena and use Vexcalibur to pass through the barriers. Each barrier will have one Vex shape to destroy using the Exotic Glaive. A portal will appear back on the main platform when all three are done. Go through and collect your reward. Jump onto the pedestal at the back to return to the arena and grab the mission chest.

Though not needed for the Queensguard Title, finding all of the Data Retrieval secret chests in node.ovrd.AVALON will award valuable resources and unlock other Season of Defiance Triumphs. Make sure you complete the necessary Vexcalibur quests to unlock the mods and slot them in. For more on the latest season and expansion, swing by our Destiny 2 strategy guide.

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Node.ovrd.AVALON Data Retrieval secret chests - Destiny 2 (2024)
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