Miguel O'Hara (Earth-928) (2024)



"My name is Miguel O'Hara. I'm this dimension's one and only Spider-Man. At least I was. But I'm not like the others. I don't always like what I have to do. But I know I have to be the one to do it. I've given up too much to stop now."

- Spider-Man[src]

Miguel O'Hara was a genetic scientist who worked for the Alchemax corporation on a project to create genetically enhanced human beings, after the experiment went sabotage when he want to quit. Miguel would gain superhuman abilities that he would use to become the superhero Spider-Man of the year 2099.

As Spider-Man, Miguel would have a lot of adventures along with his Artificial Intelligence, LYLA. With both of them protecting Nueva York, sometime after becoming Spider-Man Miguel would found out about the multiverse deciding to monitoring it since then alongside LYLA.

Realizing that the events of the Super-Collider on Earth-1610 produced multiversal rifts that cause various villains to be stranded in universes they don't belong to. Spider-Man would create the Spider-Society as a way to prevent the multiverse from collapsing as well as send the villains back to their respective universes.

After having protected the multiverse from various threats, Miguel O'Hara would decide to replace his counterpart from an alternate universe to raise his daughter after that Miguel died after being robbed by a thief. However, this event would cause the destruction of this universe as well as its inhabitants. Being severely traumatized, Miguel began to work excessively to the point that he would leave behind the sarcastic and happy man he once was.

After discovering about the Canon Events and their meaning for the lives of the Spider-People, Miguel would become stricter with the Spider-Society, forbidding all members from visiting the Miles Morales of earth 1610 after finding out that the latter was a anomaly.

Some time later, Miguel and the rest of the Spider-Society would come into conflict with the Spot as well as Miles Morales when the latter tried to save his father once he discovered the latter's impending death. Even though he try to talk to him after first Miles didn't give him the change forcing him to reveal the origin of him as an anomaly only for Miles to end up escaping to his universe anyway. Miguel along with Jessica and Ben will decide to find Miles to prevent him from saving his dad and accidentally causing the destruction of his universe in the process.


  • 1 Biography
    • 1.1 Early Life
      • 1.1.1 Becoming Spider-Man
    • 1.2 Forming the Spider-Society
      • 1.2.1 Visiting other universes
    • 1.3 The Canon Accident
      • 1.3.1 Finding about Canon Events
    • 1.4 Meeting Gwen Stacy
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Powers and Abilities
    • 3.1 Powers
    • 3.2 Abilities
  • 4 Equipment
  • 5 Relationships
    • 5.1 Allies
    • 5.2 Enemies
  • 6 Gallery
  • 7 Trivia
  • 8 References


Early Life[]

Becoming Spider-Man[]

Miguel O'Hara was a genetics scientist for Alchemax. Upon trying to quit his job, his supervisor drugged him with only the company produces in hopes to keep Miguel hooked and under their control. In an attempt to reverse his body to before being drugged, Miguel conducted an experiment on himself which was sabotaged by a co-worker, mixing in spider DNA, birthing Miguel as Spider-Man. During his early days as Spider-Man, Miguel would found out about the multiverse, beginning to monitoring it since then.[1]

Forming the Spider-Society[]

Visiting other universes[]

From their base in the future, Miguel and his holographic companion LYLA monitored the activation of the Super-Collider and meeting of the Spider-Gang, anticipating the potential collapse of the multiverse. Miguel left for about two hours and ended up missing the incident's conclusion and caught up to the events by Lyla.[2]

Miguel O'Hara (Earth-928) (1)

Upon his return, he found that the prototype of their "gizmo", made to help him make an "autonomous multiverse jump", was completed. Miguel immediately put it on and decided to jump to Earth-67. Once there, Miguel landed in front of that dimension's Spider-Man and immediately tried to convince him to go with him but instead got into a pointing argument with him.[2]

Sometime after that, Miguel began recruiting more Spider-Men as a way to keep the multiverse safe from any threat after he realizes that the Collider Crisis stranded several villains in other universes. For that, Miguel would visit Earth-616, Earth-404 among other universes to recruit the Spider-Men of these universes to help him in his missions of sending the diplace villains back to their home reality, along the way Miguel would become a competent leader for the team along with Jessica Drew.[1]

The Canon Accident[]

Some time later after founding the Spider-Society, Miguel would find a world where an alternate version of himself had a daughter and lived a happy and peaceful domestic life. After discovering this universe, Miguel would secretly look at this universe secretly from all the members of the newly founded Spider-Society, beginning to feel a little envy and sadness after seeing how a version of him could be happy if he had not become Spider-Man.

However, his life will change drastically once his counterpart had been cruelly murdered, Miguel under good intentions decided to take his place in order to raise his now orphaned daughter. After this, Miguel would begin to spend more time in his counterpart's universe enjoying being a father and his family to the point that he no longer returned to his universe or related as much to the members of the Spider-Society with Miguel apparently. leaving his life as Spider-Man behind to be a family man.

Miguel O'Hara (Earth-928) (2)

Despite the fact that his life as a father was beautiful, things would begin to change once that universe began to fall apart together with its inhabitants realizing what Miguel was going through, and would call some members of the Spider-Society, in order to save the people he loves.

However, not even with the help of the original Spider-Man they manage achieve his goal, since that entire universe was destroyed while Miguel watches as his daughter disappears in his arms. After that Miguel stays looking his arms in horror after he sees how everything he ever loved disappear as Peter B. consoled him for his loss.[1]

Finding about Canon Events[]

After these events, Miguel would feel abandoned and full of guilt after that event, while little by little he begins to distance himself and become more strict with the Spider-Society. Wanting to make up for his mistake and find out what happened, Miguel began to investigate the multiverse more than ever as a way to know how to properly protect it and prevent similar events from occurring.

In his studies, Spider-Man discovered the Web of Life and Destiny, a small pocket found in the multiverse which seemed to be the established timeline of canonical events for spider-like heroes throughout the multiverse who couldn't be interrupted, so that this universe would not be destroyed after finding out about those events Miguel would be strict with those Canon Events deciding along with the Spider-Society to make sure the Canon en up occuring.

He also discovered that the collider event on Earth-1610 made the spider radioactive that intended to bite Miles Morales from Earth-42 and turning him into Spider-Man, ended up being transported to Earth-1610 and biting Miles Morales from that world and turning him into Spider-Man in his place. Coming to the conclusion that Miles was an anomaly and that his presence could be a danger to the multiverse, Miguel would give the rule to all members of the spider-society, especially those who were related to Miles (such as Peter B. or Peni Parker) not to visit him or try to get him on the team. Even so, Miguel promised as a reward that he would not tell Miles the truth that he is an Anomaly as well as the Canon Event that was about to take place in his universe.[1]

Meeting Gwen Stacy[]

To be added[1]


"You always have to call me out? It's just really frustrating and that bums me out."
―Miguel O'Hara to LYLA[src]

Miguel was initially shown to have a very sarcastic attitude. He also spoke coolly about things, even when Lyla tells him that his multiverse-hopping device could kill him. He also displays a hyperactive personality that doesn't think of anything before acting sometimes getting carried away when someone insults him or something similar. Miguel also proved to be someone excited in the realm of science, creating the Gizmo and the Spider-Society initially to defend the multiverse from any threat. Miguel is a perfectionist, always looking for order and structure, and maintaining stability within the multiverse. He envisions his morals and leads the Spider Society.

"You’re the only Spider-Man who’s not funny, we’re supposed to be funny."
Peter B. Parker to Miguel O'Hara[src]

After his failure to prevent the destruction of an alternate reality, Miguel was left emotionally scarred by the event, becoming an overworked leader of the Spider-Society that tried to make sure that all canon events of the different universes occurred at all cost. After that, he has became very serious and reserved, easily stressed out and very judgmental of all newcomers that tried to join his group. It also implied that Miguel doesn't feel very proud of the things he do. Sometimes even doubting if what he is doing is right but according to him if he doesn't do these things nobody would do it. That shows that following the destruction of that universe, Miguel became obsessive to protect the Multiverse by any means leaving the happy and sarcastic man he once was.

Although, despite being serious and reserved, Miguel at his core does care about helping people in need, but lost sight of who Spider-Man is suppose to be. Also, Miguel did promise Peter B. that he would't tell Miles Morales the truth about his anomaly status or capture him. However, Miguel secretly intended to break half of his promise, as he attempted to capture Miles, but tried to keep the other part of the promise. Unfortunately, Miguel let his temper get the better of him as he broke his word to Peter. B and told Miles the truth about everything. Miguel also isn't afraid to use others in order to achieve his goals as he used Gwen and Peter B. to get to Miles in order to capture him, due to their relationship with him, as he kicked Gwen out of the Spider-Society and brushed Peter B. off, after he was done with them.

Miguel resents Miles Morales for disrupting canon events in his own universe, despite the fact that other-wordly factors are to blame, such as Alchemax releasing Earth-42's spider or Jonathan Ohnn sending the Spider to Earth-1610 in the first place. Also, Miguel's other reason for resenting Miles is that he blames him for everything that has happened with the Multiverse and went to the point of banning Spider-People from visiting Miles, as seen with Gwen whom was still allowed to travel to Spiderpunk's dimension. Despite his resentment towards Miles, Miguel did make an effort to be polite to Miles by explaining his beliefs, past and canon event. Miguel may have explained this to Miles in an attempt to reason with him.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Spider physiology: Unlike other spider-men, Miguel gained his superpowers trying to reverse his body's chemistry to before he was drugged by rapture (a highly addictive drug). His Experiment was sabotaged by his former supervisor who enlaced spider genetics with Miguel's base line. Miguel survived, gaining instant Spider Abilities such as vampire like fangs and and sharp talons at his toes and finger tips. It's also hinted that Miguel needs to consistently dose himself with artificial " radioactive spider bites", reason for so has not been addressed yet. Unlike other spider-men, Miguel does not have the spider sense.
    • Talons: Miguel is shown to have extremely sharp talons that can rip through metal and spider webs. He can summon his talons on command and retract them by touching his own skin. Miguel's talons can slice through guns, swords, and flesh.
    • Venomous Fangs: Miguel's fangs can deliver a venomous bite, capable of temporarily immobilizing his opponents.
    • Superhuman strength: Miguel possesses enhanced strength, allowing him to lift heavy objects and overpower his opponents in combat.
    • Superhuman healing: Miguel's accelerated healing factor allows him to recover from injuries at an increased rate, healing wounds and broken bones more rapidly than a normal human.
    • Wall-Crawling: Like other Spider-People, Miguel has the ability to cling to and crawl on walls and ceilings, mainly using his talons, giving him enhanced mobility and the ability to navigate vertical surfaces with ease.
    • Superhuman agility: He has incredible agility, reflexes, and acrobatic skills, enabling him to move swiftly and gracefully in combat and navigate through various environments effortlessly.
    • Superhuman Durability: Miguel's body has enhanced durability, allowing him to withstand physical impacts and attacks to a greater extent than an ordinary human. He can endure blows, falls, and other forms of physical trauma without sustaining severe injuries.
    • Superhuman Speed: Miguel possesses enhanced speed, enabling him to move at incredibly fast velocities. This enhanced speed allows him to outpace regular humans and react swiftly in combat situations.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Miguel is incredibly intelligent and possesses a genius-level intellect. He is a skilled scientist and has expertise in various fields such as genetics, biochemistry, and robotics. His intelligence often aids him in solving complex problems and creating advanced technology.
  • Skilled Combatant: Miguel has received extensive combat training, making him a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. He is proficient in multiple fighting styles and martial arts, allowing him to hold his own in battles even without relying solely on his superhuman abilities.
  • Multilingualism: Miguel is fluent in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Japanese. This linguistic skill proves valuable in communicating with individuals from different backgrounds and navigating various situations.
  • Technological Aptitude: As a scientist and futurist, Miguel has a deep understanding of advanced technology. He is proficient in using and manipulating various high-tech gadgets and inventions, often incorporating them into his crime-fighting arsenal.
  • Investigative Skills: Miguel possesses sharp investigative skills, allowing him to gather information, analyze data, and uncover secrets. He has a keen eye for detail and can piece together clues to solve mysteries and uncover the truth.


  • Spider-Man Suit: A special futuristic suit used by Miguel O'Hara to conceal his identity while operating as the superhero Spider-Man.
  • Multiversal Gizmo: The Multiversal Gizmo, created by LYLA, allows Miguel to maintain stability in alternate universes and travel to other dimensions with ease.



  • LYLA - Creation, Friend and Assistant
  • Gabriella O'Hara - Alternate Reality Daughter
  • Spider-Society - Teammates and Subordinates
    • Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Former Rival
    • Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman
    • Ben Riley/Scarlet Spider
    • Kaine Parker/Scarlet Spider
    • Spidercide
    • Doppelganger
    • Web-Man
    • Ultimate Tarantula
    • Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman
    • Anya Corazon/Araña
    • Malala Windsor/Spider-UK
    • Spider-Canada
    • Petera/Cyborg Spider-Woman
    • Maybelle Reilly/Lady Spider
    • Annie Parker/Spiderling
    • Mary Jane Watson/Spinneret
    • Spider-Woman
    • Spider-Woman
    • Spider-Woman
    • Spider-Woman
    • Patrick O'Hara/Web-Slinger
    • Widow
    • Spider-Cat
    • Charlotte Webber/Sun-Spider
    • Flash Thompson/Captain Spider
    • Samurai Spider-Man
    • Spider-Knight
    • Max Borne/Spider-Man
    • Peter Parkedcar/Spider-Mobile
    • Pter Parker/Spider-Rex
    • Peter Parker/Spider-Wolf
    • Peter Parker/Spider-Monkey
    • Peter Parker/Spider-Plushie
    • Peter Parker/Assassin Spider-Man
    • Peter Parker/Spider-Cop
    • Peter Parker/Bombastic Bag Man
    • Peter Parker/Last Stand Spider-Man
    • Peter Parker/Mangaverse Spider-Man
    • Peter Parker/Spider-Man
    • Peter Parker/Lego Spider-Man
    • Peter Parker/Spider-Man
    • Peter Parker/Spider-Man
    • Peter Parker/Spider-Man
    • Peter Parker/Spider-Man
    • Peter Parker/Spider-Man
    • Ezekiel Sims/Spider-Therapist
    • Spider-Patient
    • Mariachi Spider-Man 1
    • Mariachi Spider-Man 2
    • Mariachi Spider-Man 3
    • Metro Spider-Man
    • Numerous other spider people


  • Anomalies
    • Jonathan Ohnn/The Spot
    • Miles Morales/Spider-Man - Rival
    • Adriano Tumino/Vulture
  • Spider-Gang
    • Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman - Former Subordinate turned Enemy
    • Peter B. Parker/Spider-Man - Former Subordinate turned Enemy
    • Pavitr Prabhakar/Spider-Man India - Former Subordinate turned Enemy
    • Hobart Brown/Spider-Punk - Former Subordinate turned Enemy
    • Margo Kess/Spider-Byte - Former Subordinate and Former Tech Support turned Enemy
    • Peter Parker/Spider-Man Noir
    • Peni Parker - Former Subordinate turned Enemy
    • Peter Porker/Spider-Ham
  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange


Miguel's credit scene in 'Into The Spider-Verse'

Miguel and Lyla in 'Into The Spider-Verse'


  • In the comics, and likely in this franchise, Miguel O'Hara is Spider-Man 2099 from Earth-928, a possible future of the mainstream dimension Earth-616.
  • According to Bob Persichetti, Miguel wasn't the only candidate for the post-credits Spider-Man that would hint at the possibilities for the future of the franchise. The decision to choose Miguel stemmed from the director and creators' perception that the "fans were very vocally disappointed to learn that O'Hara wasn't part of the central Into the Spider-Verse team."[3]


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Miguel O'Hara (Earth-928) (2024)


Is Earth-928 the future of Earth-616? ›

While it has been confirmed to be a possible future version of Earth-616, the mainstream Marvel Universe, the 2099 universe has been officially designated as Earth-928 and alternatively dubbed as Earth-616 circa 2099, or simply Earth-2099.

Which Spider-Man was in Earth-928? ›

Miguel O'Hara Spider-Man

Who would win Peter or Miguel? ›

However, the winner would be the original Spiderman. You see, Miguel had lots of trouble with Vulture 2099, and Peter took him down easily. However, if it is not a physical fight, Miguel should have an edge: He has access tp tech and science far in advantage to Peter's time.

What happened to Miguel O Hara? ›

O'Hara built a device that opened wormholes and allowed him to travel to different universes. He found a universe where he had a family but that Earth's Miguel O'Hara died. Determined to have a family, O'Hara of Earth-928B took his place, but eventually the universe began to fall apart.

Is Thor alive in 2099? ›

The true Thunder God never returned in the 2099 timeline. Miguel O'Hara was hailed as the Harbinger of Thor by some, due to the connection between the original Spider-Man and Thor in the Heroic Age. Alchemax created a false Thor to go with their Valhalla project.

Is Earth 2099 destroyed? ›

2099 became Earth-23291 which had similar events happen in the OG 2099 universe and was saved by Doom, and became the future of 2099. It was eventually destroyed due to the 2099 event in like 2019, I want to say, for a completely new 2099 future to tell new stories and not be bootstrapped by older stories.

Who is Spider-Man 2029? ›

Miguel O'HaraSpider-Man 2099. From a brilliant youth to Super Hero, Spider-Man of Earth-928 uses his powers to protect the innocent from corporate corruption.

Does Peter Parker exist in 2099? ›

In this event, Spider-Man was one of the first to die,, but his legacy lived on through Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099. While reality-displaced to Earth-616, Miguel O'Hara commented on how Peter Parker's counterpart sported a completely different attitude.

Is there a carnage 2099? ›

Carnage 2099 Debuts As Horrifying New Spider-Verse Villain - IMDb. Spoilers for Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis #1 by Marvel ComicsMaximum Carnage is coming to Marvel's 2099 universe, as a new version of the deadly symbiote will appear in an upcoming miniseries starring Spider-Man 2099.

Why is Miguel o hara a vampire? ›

As a lifelong comic book enthusiast and an ardent fan of the Marvel Universe, I can assure you that Spider-Man 2099, whose real name is Miguel O'Hara, is not a vampire. You see, Spider-Man 2099 is a fascinating character who emerged from the Marvel 2099 comic line, an intriguing, alternative future universe.

Is Miguel o hara strongest? ›

While they aren't the strongest Marvel superheroes around, they can still hold their own in a fight. Spider-Man 2099 has Class 10+ strength, meaning he can consistently lift over 10 tons. However, he can exponentially increase his strength by training, as the spider's strength increases proportionately as well.

Why did Miguel inject himself? ›

In Marvel Comics, before he turns into Spider-Man, Miguel becomes addicted to an extremely powerful drug known as Rapture. Rapture, which binds to the user's DNA, was the reason why Miguel performed a genetic experiment on himself – he wanted to break free of the Rapture addiction.

Who is Miguel O Hara's wife? ›

Dana D'Angelo was initially the girlfriend of Gabriel O'Hara, the younger brother of the geneticist Miguel O'Hara. She then cheated on him with Miguel, who was also cheating on his then girlfriend, Xina. Miguel and Dana stayed together and fell in love, with Miguel eventually proposing to her, making her his fiancee.

Why did Miguel replace himself? ›

However, his life will change drastically once his counterpart had been cruelly murdered, Miguel under good intentions decided to take his place in order to raise his now orphaned daughter.

Is Earth 199999 also Earth-616? ›

So, there you have it, the MCU is officially Earth-616. You can pick holes in the decision, but it's what Marvel Studios has gone for and will likely stick until this franchise is rebooted post-Avengers: Secret Wars.

Is Earth 199999 Earth-616? ›

The MCU was initially labeled as Earth-199999 in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z, but the recent timeline confirms Earth-616 as the official designation.

Is Earth 1218 our Earth? ›

History. Earth-1218 is the designation given to our reality, where super-heroes and other super-powered beings don't physically exist. This universe may appear somewhat dull from a cerebral perspective, but it does have its good sides, for those willing to recognize them.

Did Earth-616 get destroyed? ›

The reality of Earth-616 has gone through eight different incarnations, all triggered by different instances of multiversal renewal, which constitutes in the destruction and re-creation of everything there is.

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