Drew Starkey Wiki, Girlfriend, Gay, Family, Net Worth, Height (2024)

Drew Starkey Wiki, Girlfriend, Gay, Family, Net Worth, Height (1)

On 30 March 2020, Netflix premiered the trailer to its newest offering Outer Banks (2020). The show created quite an anticipation with its first-look.

And as promised, the show impressed fans who had nothing to do but to watch the show during the Coronavirus pandemic. Among several impressive casts on the show, actor Drew Starkey was adored by many.

The actor, who gained major recognition after Love, Simon became an actor to look-out for.

This wiki-article based on the life and career of Drew Starkey also addresses the rumor of him being gay. So, to learn more about him, scroll down,

Drew Starkey Bio — Age, Birthday, Hometown

Drew Starkey was born on 4 November 1993 in his hometown of Hickory, North Carolina. The actor turned 26 years old while celebrating his birthday in November of 2019.

Drew Starkey Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Drew was born Joseph Drew Starkey to his basketball coach father, Todd Starkey, and his mother Jodi Ballard Hutto. His parents were separated once their marriage hit the troubled water.

Following the separation of his parents, Jodi Ballard Hutto was married to Brian Hutto, Stanely, North Carolina native. Whereas, his father was working at Kent State University, Ohio, the United States.

As for his siblings, he has three: Logan, Brooke, and Mackayla. The family resides in Hickory, North Carolina.

Getting into Drew’s academic achievements, he attended and graduated from St. Stephens High School. Following graduation, the actor enrolled in Western Carolina University and graduated in 2016.

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Education, Theater Background

Drew Starkey earned Charles Stancil Stephens-Kudzu Players Endowed Scholarships for students of the School of Stage and Screen academic program that aided his higher study at Western Carolina University. Around that time, he was highly active in theatre and radio.

The Love, Simon actor played Jake in Zombies on Campus! A SlaughterPocalypse! which marked his stage debut.

Furthermore, he played David in A Doll’s House and Pierce/Duncan in Macbeth Is the New Black which was showcased in Brado Performing Arts Center. More on that, Drew portrayed the role of Ethan in Elemeno Pea while he was at West Carolina University.

In radio, Drew portrayed the character, Robin, from Robin Hood The Legacy performed at Brado Performing Arts Center.

Drew Starkey Net Worth, TV Shows, Movies

Even before Drew’s University graduation, he had already performed in front of the camera for several short films. The Radical Notion of Gene Mutation (2014), Lost Soles (2015), and Up the Hill (2016) were some of his notable works from that time.

The Hickory-based actor also gained prominence working in movies such as American Animals (2018), Love, Simon (2018), The Hate U Give (2018), Mine 9 (2019), Just Mercy (2019), and TV movie Limbo (2019) where he played Rodney.

Drew also starred in several TV shows after University graduation.

Mercy Street (2017), Shots Fired (2017), Valor (2017), Good Behavior (2017), Brockmire (2018), Doom Patrol (2019), and Scream: The TV series (2019) were some of his earliest work on TV shows.

In April 2020, Netflix premiered Outer Banks a coming-up-age TV show. In the show, Drew played Rage for which the actor was kept on high regard by the fans of the show.

Drew represented JTA, Inc., a Charlotte, North Carolina-based talent agency.

As of May 2020, Drew Starkey stacked an attractive net worth of $840,000.

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Drew Starkey Height, Weight, Distinct Features

As per Drew’s resume, the handsome hunk stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters) and has a bodyweight of 83.9 kilograms (185 lbs).

The actor flaunts his dashing appearance added with blue eyes and brown hair on his social media page which had his female fans falling for him.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, Facebook

Along with Drew’s thriving popularity, his social media reach grew far and wide over time.

The actor’s Instagram account garnered 145k followers at the time of penning this wiki on his life. Similarly, he also has a Facebook account that provided in-depth info regarding the actor.

As for Drew’s Twitter account, he doesn’t have one.

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Drew Starkey Girlfriend, Dating, Gay

As per Drew’s Facebook, he was once dating Clarie Evelyn — his girlfriend at the time. The pair shared several moments of their time in each other’s social media handles.

Though the lovebirds never revealed details on how they met, Claire’s Facebook dropped few hints on their origin story. The actress posted on the platform that she starred in Macbeth is the New Black which Drew also appeared on.

Drew Starkey Wiki, Girlfriend, Gay, Family, Net Worth, Height (2)

Drew and his girlfriend together in March of 2014 (Pic: Drew Starkey’s Instagram)

So, most probably they met each other in WCU.

Then in-love couples appeared together till July of 2015. But following that, Drew and Claire stopped dropping hints on their relationship status.

By the end of 2016, they had an alleged breakup. And Drew’s relationship status written single verified the end of the relationship.

In conclusion, to address the gay rumor on the actor: No, Drew isn’t gay!

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Drew Starkey Wiki, Girlfriend, Gay, Family, Net Worth, Height (2024)
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