Destiny 2 - Vexcalibur: Expert Authorization Override Guide (2024)

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Completing the quest to obtain Vexcalibur in Destiny 2 is only the beginning for players. This new Exotic Glaive can be upgraded and enhanced even further. Just like with Revision Zero in Season of the Seraph, players will have to run through the Exotic mission Avalon to further progress the storyline involving Vexcalibur and the long-lost Ashr Mir as he explores the Vex Network.

While the first quest was hidden behind a puzzle that appeared in the EDZ last week, that is not the case for the second quest.This guide will show Destiny 2 players how to complete the quest 'Vexcalibur: Expert Authorization Override'.

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How to Start Vexcalibur: Expert Authorization Override

At the start of Week 3, players can get the second Vexcalibur quest from the War Table in the H.E.L.M. The only prerequisite for this second quest is to have completed the first quest and acquired Vexcalibur. Unlike Reivsion Zero, players will not need to complete any seasonal story quests to gain access to the Vexcalibur quests.

Rapidly Kill Vex With Vexcalibur Equipped

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After picking up the quest, the next step is to rapidly kill Vex while having Vexcalibur equipped. One important thing to know is that Vexcalibur only needs to be equipped, and that players can get kills with anything else to progress this quest. The best way to do this part of the quest effeciently is to go to the Orrery Lost Sector on Nessus, as there are dozens of Vex, and it is a fairly brief Lost Sector.

Upon killing enough Vex, the quest will update and players will get the next Vexcalibur mod. Just like before, players must examine Vexcalibur to apply the new mod. This mod allows Vexcalibur to destroy nodes in the Avalon mission that were previously invulnerable to damage.

Complete Avalon Again

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With the new mod applied to Vexcalibur, it is time to go back into Avalon. Just like with before, players will need to defeat Brakion at the end of the mission. In addition, there is a new step. Players must find and solve a mystery within the mission. There are seven mysteries in total, but only four are available at present. Players only need to solve one of these mysteries. That said, since the first two mysteries are near the start of the mission players may want to grab them both anyway.

Solve a Mystery

The first mystery can be found near the start of the mission. Go down and past the big gate with the small corridors that open and close. Look up to see a glowing green switch.Jump up onto a platform and then jump up toward the switch to activate it. From there, go down toward the channel of radiolaria. Instead of following Ashr Mir, go along the channel to spot a platform blocked off by glowing barriers.

With Vexcalibur equipped, jump up toward the barrier. Guard with Vexcalibur and walk through the barrier to reach the second switch. Upon interacting with the switch, a chest will spawn and players will unlock an intrinsic upgrade for Vexcalibur.

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The second mystery can be found in the shaft that players jump down. There will be a switch that players can activate. Further down is what appears to be a Hobgoblin shooting at nothing. Jump toward the Hobgoblin, turn around, and then jump up onto another platform where the second switch is. This will free the Hobgoblin, and it will then leave. A chest will spawn next to players that contains an Enhancement Prism and an Upgrade Module.

Defeat Brakion

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With a mystery solved, the final step is to go through the rest of the mission and beat Brakion. Being at 1800 Power will make this mission much easier solo and with a team. If players are struggling with Brakion, here are a few methods to cheese the boss.

During the second phase, Brakion will be behind an impenetrable firewall. It is intended for players to bring down the barrier by shooting symbols around the terminal to get 30 seconds to damage the pass. Instead of going through several damage phases, players can go through only one damage phase. To do this, equip an Exotic bow called Wish-Ender. At the start of the second phase, don't move toward the boss. Instead, simply aim fully drawn back arrows and shoot at Brakion.

Wish-Ender arrows are able to, somehow, pierce through the firewall. Keep damaging the boss, but do not push him to third phase. The reason for this is that Brakion will be completely immune to damage during the third phase. So instead, get Brakion just above 33% health (as indicated by the lines in the health bar) and then do the normal mechanics of phase two to drop the firewall. Damage Brakion and bring him down to 33% to trigger phase three.

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During the third phase, there are some safe spots that players can go to make the fight easier. Go toward one of the geysers in the room and walk around the edge to be behind it. While Brakion can get close, the AI seems to break and gets stuck.

On top of that, all the other adds that spawn will not be able to get players while they are behind a geyser of radiolaria. They also cannot shoot through the radiolaria either. Hide behind the geysers and peek out to damage the boss periodically, moving if necessary. The final step of this quest is to return to the War Table. There is one more Vexcalibur quest left, but it is not currently available yet.

Destiny 2 is available now on Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Destiny 2 - Vexcalibur: Expert Authorization Override Guide (2024)
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