2023-2024 Full Parish Council - Minutes – Washingborough Parish Council (2024)

Washingborough Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 20th March 2024 at 6.00pm in the

Community Centre, Small Hall, Fen Road, Washingborough, Lincoln. LN4 1AB


  • Cllr Mrs J Aspinall
  • Cllr Mrs L Hannam
  • Cllr G Peck
  • Cllr Mrs L Simons (Facilitator)
  • Cllr Mrs W Skelton
  • Cllr Mrs R Whipp

In Attendance: Miss K Broddle (Clerk) and Mrs E Salter (Assistant Clerk).

Also Present: District Cllr Carola Goodwin.

Members of the Public: Two members of the public were present.

a. Public Forum: None.

b. Reports from LCC and NKDC – The reports were circulated prior to the meeting.

101. Localism Act 2011 requirements:

  1. Apologies and reason for absence were received and resolved from Cllr Mrs B Bland,

Cllr R Harrington.

Apologies were also received from District Cllr I Carrington & County Cllr L Cawrey.

  1. Declarations of interest: None.
  2. Applications for dispensation: None.

102. Draft notes of the Parish Council meeting held on 21st February 2024 were proposed,

seconded and resolved for signing as the minutes.

103. Matters raised at Public Forum: None.

104. Clerks Report (for information only).

  1. To advise of a temporary traffic restriction (road closure order) on B1190 between Church Hill and High Street from 01/04/24 to 14/04/2024.
  2. To advise that LCC are undertaking investigation work in the village regarding the recent flooding issues.
  3. To advise that WHP Telecoms will be undertaking work on the Telecoms equipment on the playing fields during April.
  4. To advise that copies of the Witham Valley Access Project Meeting Minutes for November 2023 and February 2024 are to view in the Civic Office.

105. To discuss and resolve the following:

  1. The request from South Lincs District Association Camping and Caravanning Club to hire Council Facilities: it was proposed seconded and resolved for the clerking team to organise a meeting to discuss further details.
  2. To update on the recent meeting with Anglian Water regarding the possible new sewer pipe: it was advised that the project is in its early stages. The pipework is likely to cross the Councils land and Anglian Water will update Council as further information becomes available.
  3. The situation with the Culvert over the South Delph, which was removed following its collapse in December: it was proposed, seconded and resolved for the clerking team to contact the Environmental Agency to find out if they would allow, in principle, for Council to look into replacing the Culvert.
  4. The meeting with the Internal Drainage Board regarding recent flooding: a meeting with Martin Shilling, from the IDB was held on 13th March. Councillors found the meeting useful and thanked Mr Shilling for coming. Concerns were raised regarding: Sand Hill Beck Pump, Ferry Lane Sluice Gate, water run off from the A15 eastern by-pass and the 2006/7 agreement between the Environmental Agency and the Internal Drainage Board.

106. Planning Matters.

  1. To resolve any comments on the following applications received:

i. 24/0288/HOUS: 40a Granson Way – Erection of single storey side extension to create a self-contained annex with solar pv panels. Council had no comment to make.

ii 24/0283/HOUS: Manor Farm, Church Hill – Conversion of existing garage into an annexe. Council had no comment to make.

iii. 24/0295/HOUS: 1 Durham Close – Erection of single storey side and front elevation existing to dwelling. Council had no comment to make.

iv. 24/0316/TCA: Suffolk House, Oak Hill – Work to various Trees. Council had no comment to make.

  1. To ratify comments on the following applications retuned under Clerks delegated powers: None.
  2. To note the decisions from NKDC on the following applications: None.

107. Financial Matters.

  1. The payment schedule for March 2024 was proposed, seconded and resolved and the salaries payments were noted.
  2. The accounts and budgets for February 2024 were noted.
  3. The Unity Trust bank statement for February 2024 was noted and signed.
  4. To resolve the work to the trees in Chapel Park, following the flooding and high winds. It was proposed, seconded and resolved to accept the quote from Welton Tree Services, for the works to the trees.
  5. To accept the quote for the cleaning and re-lining of the MUGA. It was proposed, seconded and resolved to accept the quote from TCM.
  6. To ratify the payment for the blinds in the main hall, from Hilary’s. The payment was rarified.

108. It was proposed, seconded and resolved that Cllr Mrs W Skelton facilitates the April Full

Parish Council meeting.

109. Under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 it was proposed, seconded and

resolved to move into closed session for the following items:

110. Staffing matters:

  1. To resolve the additional hours for the cleaning post following a successful 6-month trial period. It was proposed, seconded and resolved to make the hours permanent.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 7.05pm



Petty Cash



Post Crete



Pitt Stop

Petrol (Jan)




Annual Meeting Refreshments




PC Security Subscription



Post Office




Current Account











Gas Bill (P) Feb



Total Energies

Electric (CC) Jan & Feb




Telephone & Broadband



G M Brown

IT Security & gov.uk work




Roller Blinds




Cleaning Items



N Power

Christmas Tree Lights




Salaries etc.

15- Mar- 24


Total expenditure: March 2024


NKDC Report for February / March

Carola, Ian and Reece

The NK Plan

A roadmap for achieving the Council's vision for flourishing communities over the next three years – alongside the ongoing delivery of quality District Council services – is now approved after unanimous support at Full Council.

TheNK Plan 2024-27highlights key schemes and partnership work across five priorities, and a green thread which interlinks it with the Council’s actions on climate. This latest iteration of the plan is closely aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which in turn inform the aspirations of the Council’s Community Strategy targeted on 2030. It is also more reflective of the role partners have in making it all happen, the importance of young people’s voices, and the potential for skills to expand along with sustainable and regenerative growth in the local economy.

The Council also frequently renews its focus on financial planning, and theFinancial Plan 2024-25is also now approved following a unanimous decision at yesterday’s Full Council. A vital part of maintaining the stable financial outlook set out within the Financial Plan is a modest increase in the level ofCouncil Tax, and a moderate increase in Council Tax to invest in and extend the services the Council provides has been approved for the year ahead.

Although the 2.68% rise represents an increase of £4.95 on the current charge – making it 189.45 at Band D over the year for everything that the District Council does – most households are charged at a lower rate which will see increases of between £3.30 and £4.40 for Bands A to C. This is the total charge for North Kesteven District Council services, with NKDC retaining only 8.7% of the total bill. The full and final charge that applies to each household will be notified by billing in mid-March.

The amount of Council Tax income retained by North Kesteven totals £12m, which contributes to an overall annual spend of £55m on General Fund services that include everything that the Council does daily, including refuse and recycling collections, provision of leisure and arts venues, licencing and food safety measures and various aspects of leadership in carbon reductions. Matters relating to housing stock are financed separately.

The Council could have applied a maximum 3% or £5 increase, but opted to seek only what it needed to maintain a sound financial position and support its spending plans and the requirements of fulfilling its updated strategic plan, the NK Plan. The Financial Plan outlined a £278m programme of investment in major capital schemes over the next decade, £36m of which will fall into the coming year and £135m over the three-year scope of the new NK Plan.

The NK Plan 2024-27 will be made available on the Council’s websiteHERE

Electric vehicle charging

North Kesteven District Council are researching the locations where residents would like to see electric vehicle charging points, aside from private homes.

There are three types of location under consideration - on street, destination and en-route charging points. Share your thoughtswww.n-kesteven.gov.uk/ev

Small grants made available to village halls in England

Managed by Action with Rural Communities in England (ACRE), the fund has already awarded over £1 million to rural communities, helping them undertake ambitious improvements to their building. Works undertaken or scheduled to take place include new roofs, insulation, extensions, and more energy efficient heating systems.

The grant fund is re-opening to new applicants who wish to undertake smaller projects such as disability access, toilet upgrades and new kitchens. Grant awards of between £2,000 to £5,000, and up to 20 per cent of eligible project costs, are on offer. Project expenditure must take place before 31 March 2025.

The minimum grant available has been set at £2000 and the largest grant at £5000. Note: As the grant can only be 20% of eligible project costs your committee must have the 80% match in hand or identified at the point of submitting the application.

For more information please visit the link:https://acre.org.uk/press-release-small-grants-made-available-to-village-halls-in-england/

Violence against women and girls

Lincolnshire Police shared a video portraying the fact that women and girls are telling the police that they are being followed but don’t report it because they think nothing can be done.

In the video individuals recount their experiences of being stared at or followed bymenin public, some of whom would attempt to initiate interaction with them. To view the video please visitHERE.

If youare being followed, feel scared and think you might be in danger, call Lincolnshire Police on 999.Alternatively, if you are in a safe place and do not need an immediate response,visitthe Lincolnshire Police website and submit an online report or call 101.

You can also tell Lincolnshire Police where you don’t feel safe by downloading the StreetSafe app. Visit:https://www.lincs.police.uk/news/lincolnshire/news/2022/may-2022/streetsafe/

Visit the Violence Against Women and Girls section of the Lincolnshire Police website:https://www.lincs.police.uk/police-forces/lincolnshire-police/areas/campaigns/campaigns/violence-against-women-and-girls/

Washingborough Parish Council

County Councillor Report: 20 March 2024


The consultation for the Greater Lincolnshire devolution has now concluded. Thanks to all of you who got involved and encouraged members of the public to have their say.

It was fantastic to hear our residents views at face-to-face events across the region, as well as from those groups who needed targeted communications to share their opinions.

In total we received 4,048 responses, which is a higher response rate than other devolution consultations that have taken place in other parts of the country recently.

The data was collated, and a detailed independent analysis produced. The results were presented to, and discussed, at the Overview and Scrutiny Board on 12 March, and the delegated power for the leader to negotiate further with government and the leaders of the two unitary authorities of North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire was voted through at an Extraordinary Full Council on 13 March.

South Delph Footbridge

Lincolnshire County Council officers have checked our Public Rights of Way maps, and the footbridge does not seem to be ‘public in nature’ and, given neither the Internal Drainage Board or Environment Agency own such structures, our officers suggest it was a riparian-owned feature and therefore, the county council cannot enforce its replacement.

However, it is possible that someone – including the parish council – could claim public rights, on the basis of long usage. This would require going through a legal process and collating sufficient witness statements from members of the public who have used the route over a 20-year period. I am informed that it is quite possible that this period could be less if it could be demonstrated the owner of the land was clearly dedicating the route to the public by building the bridge, but that is a harder position to work on.

County council officers point out that, in such a circ*mstance, whilst the route may become a recorded Public Right of Way it will not confer any liability on the county council to provide the bridge, or enforce the landowner to replace it, but it would give the county council a power to do so if there was a case to do so in the public interest.

If that is a direction the parish council wants to take, then you can start the process, or at least make detailed enquiries, by emailing this link: countryside_access@linconshire.gov.uk

While I appreciate that it doesn’t resolve anything in the short term, I do think there will be continued public interest in finding a resolution – but that is a matter for members of the parish council to discuss and decide whether you have the appetite to instigate – and precept for – a legal process. I will be happy to support the parish council by liaising with county council officers and constituents if this is a course members wish to take.

Flooding Matters

The Lincolnshire County Council inquiry into Storm Babet and Storm Henk is well underway. The inquiry is being led by the chairman of the Flood and Water Management Committee and will take several months.

Given the issues faced by people in Washingborough, particularly following Storm Babet, when the road under the railway bridge was closed for some three weeks, I asked the chairman how members of affected communities can feed their experiences into the inquiry. I am informed that the chairman of the inquiry is currently considering the best options to enable this. The current preference is a field trip for the inquiry working group, which would include onsite meetings with local county council members, with involvement from parish councils and affected local residents. I will contact the parish council as soon as I hear from the inquiry about when a possible site visit to Washingborough is being considered.

It should be added that county council officers have also been asked to quantify the economic impact of road closures. There will also be a review the Section 19 reports, as and when they conclude, and the chairman will make necessary recommendations. Section 19 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 requires Local Lead Flood Authorities (LLFAs) to investigate flood incidents where necessary, based on each LLFA's published flood investigation criteria set out within their Local Flood Risk Management Strategy, in order to establish responsible parties as well as their actions as a result of the flooding event.

It must be noted that, even though Lincolnshire County Council is the LLFA, we can only make recommendations, our powers of compulsion are limited.

Flood and Water Management Act 2010 Section 19 Reports

Starting this month, and continuing for several months, consultants will be out in the affected locations in the Washingborough area, to engage with residents who have reported internal flooding during the recent storms, and to determine potential mechanisms for the floods for the Section 19 reports.

I can confirm that any access to properties, whether internal or external, or documenting of evidence such as photographs will only be undertaken by express permission of the homeowner in question beforehand.

I understand this evidence will be collated alongside topographical data also being gathered to create an accurate profile of the risks and required remedies.

Cllr Lindsey Cawrey

2023-2024 Full Parish Council - Minutes – Washingborough Parish Council (2024)
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