10 Best Vintage Shops In Vienna (2024)

10 Best Vintage Shops in Vienna

Gratiferia by AriArcoiris from Wikimedia Commons

Mining for bargains at markets and antique stores is a lot like digging for gold: it’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun. Scrounge for secondhand treasures at these popular markets and thrift stores in Vienna, where you’ll discover one-of-a-kind clothing, jewellery, antiques, and more.

1. Riesenflohmarkt Wienerberg

This weekly Sunday market, held in the parking lot of the Merkur supermarket on the outskirts of town, has the sense of a neighbourhood gathering. The booths are filled with a jumbled assortment of home things, clothing, toys, and furniture, some of which are damaged, some of which are functional, and some of which are delightfully weird.

To locate the second-hand treasures you want, you may have to participate in some frenetic rummaging and scrabbling among sky-high stacks – but those who enjoy a little digging can unearth ancient jewels at inexpensive costs. Negotiating is encouraged, so brush up on your German vocabulary to get some great offers.

2. Naschmarkt

Naschmarkt by Luino23 from Wikimedia Commons

The most renowned food and flea market in Vienna is Naschmarkt, which is located between Kettenbrückengasse and Karlsplatz and is popular with both visitors and residents. Here, the early bird gets the worm; be there before daylight for the greatest selection.

The market has a long history, dating back to the 16th century when it was a little market selling mostly fruit and vegetables on a small stretch; now, it is a massive event with exhibitors offering food and drink from all over the world. On Saturdays, the monthly flea market, with roughly 400 vendors offering a variety of collectables, is worth a visit.

3. Carla

Carla, a large warehouse, is overflowing with contributions such as used mattresses, couches, tables, kitchenware, books, musical instruments, and clothing. Carla not only helps the environment by recycling things, but she also employs unemployed men and women and sponsors numerous programs that help disadvantaged people in the community.

4. Kingpin

It’s like stepping into a time machine when you go into Kingpin. It represents a way of life that many people take seriously. Their website will appeal to anyone who likes rockabilly, rock & roll, or Elvis Presley. You’ll be dancing “hound dog” in the locker room while snapping a photo, thanks to a modern spin on nostalgic 50s fashion.

The garments on the racks are complemented by the vivid décor. Hairbrushes, hair wax, and a modest assortment of chocolates and soft beverages are available in addition to clothing ( all retro American 50s style stuff).

This nostalgic boutique in the Neubau neighbourhood has a 1950s rockabilly ambience. It has a large selection of vintage men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, as well as American confectionery, which is popular with sweet-toothed customers. They also have a smartphone app, in not-so-vintage design, that allows users to check the latest arrivals as well as activities taking place in Vienna.

5. Uppers and Downers

This Neubau neighbourhood institution is a throwback boutique with a 1950s rockabilly flair. It has a large selection of antique men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, as well as American confectionery, which is popular with sweet-toothed consumers. They also offer a smartphone app with a less-than-vintage design that allows users to monitor the latest arrivals as well as activities taking place in Vienna.

6. Kostnixladen

This one-of-a-kind business won’t really sell you anything; instead, guests may walk in and take anything they require. Donations of clothing, toys, laptops, books and electrical items are encouraged but not required to help with operating costs. As an alternative to capitalism, the goal is to develop a society in which individuals support one another.

7. Polyklamott

Vintage Fair Saltaire by Bryan Ledgard from Wikimedia

Do you have a buying itch right now? Polyklamott’s 24-hour vending machine sells little antique treasures like sunglasses, gloves, wallets, and scarves for €5 apiece, so there’s no need to wait until the stores open.

If you’re looking for something more, go to the larger shop in the Mollardgasse, which has designer names, vintage sportswear, and patterned silk shirts and caps. The store is known for its large selection of vintage sunglasses and frames.

Polyklamott specializes in 1960s-90s clothing, so you won’t find elegant gowns here, but rather wacky t-shirts, sweaters, skirts, and trousers that are always in style and beyond weird! You will also find pieces by young Viennese designers.

8. Bootik 54

Vintage shops by Sheila1988 from Wikimedia Commons

Prepare to rummage at Bootik 54 on Neubaugasse, one of Vienna’s most fashionable shopping districts. This is a treasure mine of stylish treasures from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, including vintage Levi’s, jewellery, purses, and renovated things, and it takes up the area of two storefronts. Allow lots of time to browse this store, which is brimming with items you didn’t realize you needed.

9. Burggasse 24

This lovely boutique in the heart of the famous 7th district offers designer deals and big-name prices. It sells both men’s and women’s clothing, with brands including Missoni, Celine, Moschino, and Givenchy offering sportswear, dresses, and knitwear. You could even be able to find a bridal gown or a brand-new leather purse. Stop into the quaint in-store café for coffee, food, or a giant slice of cake after a long day of shopping.

Their main focus is the need for sustainability and for the fashion industry to slow down. We sell high-end vintage clothing and are happy stockists of House of Sunny, a company that uses recycled and ethically sourced materials in all of its goods.

10. The Shop Around the Corner

This brightly coloured and tastefully organized boutique is filled with hand-picked antique goodies to attract your attention. The business specializes in shoes and bags, with a range of famous brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton; it also carries up-and-coming designers, pre-loved clothing of all types, and a well-curated selection of jewellery.

When you think about it, people have an innate need to discover the connection between the past, present, and future. Vintage is one of these methods for reminiscing about the past. Vintage products have backstories; they’ve been worn and appreciated in the past, and now they’re ready to serve you in a new way.

Clothing, like art and music, expresses one’s cultural identity. Plus, there’s more. Vintage clothes, unlike paintings, may be altered and personalized to fit into a modern atmosphere. Vintage is a terrific method to learn about the culture because it spans generations.

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10 Best Vintage Shops In Vienna (2024)


Is Vienna good for thrifting? ›

The Viennese are mindful about the environment and recycling, which is why second-hand shopping is such a big part of Viennese fashion – perpetuated by Flohmärkte (flea markets) taking place regularly.

What is the most famous shopping street in Vienna? ›

Graben is arguably the most well-known shopping street in Vienna, admired for its glamorous retail stores and restaurants. The thoroughfare dates back to the 12th century, with plenty of baroque and renaissance-era buildings lining its footpaths.

What brand to buy in Vienna? ›

Here, you'll find exclusive international brands like Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton, as well as prestigious Austrian jewelers and boutiques. Mariahilfer Strasse: This bustling shopping street offers a mix of international and local brands, department stores, and trendy boutiques.

What is the main street in Vienna with shops? ›

  • Mariahilferstraße. Inner Mariahilferstraße from Westbahnhof to Museumsquartier is the longest shopping street in Austria. ...
  • Kärntnerstraße. Kärntnerstraße starts at Karlsplatz and stretches past the opera to Stephansplatz in the center. ...
  • Golden Quarter. ...
  • Graben. ...
  • Kohlmarkt. ...
  • Landstraßer Hauptstraße. ...
  • Favoritenstraße. ...
  • Spittelberg.

What is the most famous market in Vienna? ›

Vienna's best-known market has around 120 market stands and restaurants for a colorful culinary offering ranging from Viennese to Indian, from Vietnamese to Italian. The Naschmarkt has developed into a meeting point for young and old.

Can I wear jeans in Vienna? ›

The answer is yes, Austrians do wear jeans. Jeans are quite popular and versatile, making them suitable for various occasions in Austria, from casual outings to more formal settings when paired with the right accessories and clothing items.

What clothes are best for Vienna? ›

Very smart casual or smart business orientated clothes will carry you through for business, sightseeing and for eating out. Dark colors are generally more popular, as are solid colors. No t-shirts, no baseball caps, no athletic/exercise suits – unless of course you are exercising.

Is it cheap to shop in Vienna? ›

As the capital city of one of the world's richest nations, you might expect Vienna to be expensive. But it's not when compared to the likes of London and usually slots into the EU at just above average, price-wise. For guidance, here are some *very rough* prices as of mid-2024.

What is the most beautiful street in Vienna? ›

Ringstrasse is one of the most beautiful streets in the city, and the location of many of Vienna's most important tourist attractions. If you don't fancy walking down the boulevard, another option is to explore it by tram.

Is everything closed in Vienna on Sunday? ›

Even though most supermarkets and shops in Vienna are closed on Sundays as well as on public holidays, there is still a lot to do on Vienna on Sundays. Most restaurants, bars and bakeries are open on Sundays and public holidays, as Austrians tend to eat out on weekends.

What is the hippest part of Vienna? ›

Home to Vienna's historic cultural centre

Neubau is a popular district among artistic youths and hipsters with its many boutiques, designer stores, hip diners and galleries. Throughout the day, the cafés around the central courtyard are popular hangout spots with the locals.

What is the best city for thrifting? ›

Here is the definitive list of the best cities for thrifting in the country. According to our data, the top five cities for thrifting in the U.S. are Riverside, CA, Atlanta, GA, Columbus, OH, Orlando, FL, and Tampa, FL.

Is Vienna known for fashion? ›

Vienna in Fashion. The Viennese fashion scene has several established designers to offer, who have also achieved international fame and success. Petticoat and Rockabilly, dirndl blouses and tattoos: Lena Hoschek has created her very own style for self-confident women.

What is the thrifting capital of the United States? ›

New York, NY

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